Friday, September 28, 2007

Boxes Boxes Boxes

Does anyone know anyone who needs boxes?? I have great moving boxes all piled up on my back porch--they can come get them. If no one needs them then I'm going to break them down and take the to the recycle. Ask around--I would have loved to just pick up boxes like these when I was moving. Let me know.

P.S. I just had Sucky Ferguson Mechanical come and assess our broken Air Conditioning unit--yes broken. Turns out that we have clogged coils that Old Republic Warranty company says is a "maintenance issue" and is not covered. Ferugon Mechanical wants to charge us $504 to clean them. The arrogant ass that worked on my unit insinuated that it was our fault because we remodeled. He said there was wet paint on the coils. How is that possible??? My walls aren't wet. We live in fricking hot Arizona--nothings wet. We are meticulous about changing our filters. He said "It's wet white paint--it came off on my fingers". So if it was our fault--wouldn't the paint be um . . . . .pink, pink, pink, tantalizing teal, luau green, smokey gray and oh maybe pink?????? My brother-in-law who owns an air conditioning compay in Pinetop (and a very honest individual) said that it does not cost that much to clean coils. He said it's about two hours worth of work. UM $250.00 an hour. My husband is apparently in the wrong business. I'm pissed that companies aren't honest any more. If you find an honest company--let me know.

Word to the wise:


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Just coming up for air from all of these boxes. Hooray!! I'm here and loving every minute of it. I just spent the last hour trying to figure out our new wireless modem/router. I got the modem part down but it is not currently wirelessly routing, so i'm crouched on the floor with my IMAC (thank heavens it's portable) so that I can blog and catch up. It's amazing how much stuff you get done when you don't have blogs to post or check. I've unpacked the girl's room, play room, my room, most of the kitchen and am now working on the office. Hyrum hooked up my sink today!! We have no counters until October 4th (ouch!) but we have makeshift plywood thanks to my father in law. It'll do. Thought I'd post some photos of our boxes. And as for the first photo--that is what happens when you fall asleep and the oldest gets a hold of the youngest and a dress up outfit. I woke up to--"Look mom--look what I did to baby Kiz"

p.s. our air conditioning is broken

Friday, September 21, 2007



It's arrived!!! It's time!!!! We finally get to move into our house!!! I'm so excited!!!! I think I'll use lots of exclamation points to get my point across!!!!!! We rented a huge Uhaul to move us!! We hope it will only take one trip to load and unload!!!! If I could find my point and shoot I'd take pictures--but I don't know where it is!!!!!!!!! I think it might have gotten stolen!!!!!! Anyhoodles, I won't have internet service until Wednesday!!!!! That sucks!!!!!! We're trying DSL through Qwest because Cox sucks@@@@@ OOPS!!!!!!!!! Update you later--probably through Darcy's computer!!!!!!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Breakfast of Champions

Here's my entry for PHotobooth Tuesday-actually done on Wednesday. I'll just pretend like I did it yesterday:

At around 6:30 AM I was awakened by the pitter patter of little feet and sound of squeaky kid voices. All three up at the same time. GGGRRRR I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. I heard Hy up and around so I called out to him and he said he was going running and the girls were just wandering. MMMMM I'm cool with that--roll over and attempt to get just a few more minutes of rest. around 6:46 three little girls show up at my bed.

me: "What's that in your hands"

Them: "I don't know, it was in your room"

Me ( blurry eyed and blinking " " WHAT THE ?????? Why do you all of have Twix? It's 6:45 in the morning--why do you all have twix"

Them: "They were in your room so we ate them"

Me: "Well ok, but now you have to eat scrambled eggs (which they don't prefer) because no way am I giving you any more sugar. Oh--Joise--What?? you have two??? Give me one."

I then marched them into my room ( I had been sleeping in another room--another story) and put them in front of photobooth. So here are views of our 6:46 a.m. Twix breakfast.

They look mighty pleased with themselves-dont they?!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Richard Marx Baby

Anyone??? Anyone??? I really wanted to play Endless Summer Nights but they didn't have it. I have a good friend Kindy (Sherwood) Wolfley who can sing all the Richard Marx songs with me. In fact she can sing most of the tacky songs that are dear to my heart. I need to call her. Anyhow, I heard one of his songs on the radio and thought I'd pay tribut to Junior High. At least I think that is when I listened. So I got some music for my playlist and then I decided to look him up in itunes. Whoa!! That was so fun. I was singing away. Then they suggested other music I might like . . . soon I was listening to Roxettes "The Look" which may be featured at a future time. I see that he now has a Greatest Hits album. That would be super fun to have. I don't know how often I'd listen to it though--but man was it fun to sing to for a while tonight. Hy has started his new job at Scottsdale Healthcare and works nights. BO-RING for me. And I have to put the kids to bed all by myself. That stinks. Anyhow, Cheers to ol' Richard.



Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Black Apple Sale!

My favorite Etsy artist The Black Apple is having a sale! I now have to choose some prints. I was going to wait because I already have bubble gum betty and I wanted a red head and a blonde. I really want the red head print she has on the first page, but the girl has tattoos and although I think it's fab, I realize I may need to set an example for my girls. (Randomly, I like tatoo sleeves. I think in another life I would have them) So now I'm off to pick three prints. Support this girl--her prints are so flippin cute!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

True Colors

More awards to give out

Cami--Painting even though I told her she only had to keep me company

Darcy--for again coming to my aid and painting the areas I could not reach

Here ares some sneak peaks at the colors in my house

the front room:

My bedroom in process (That is my sister in the photo--she and her family get an award too. She is a task master)

Play room. With three little girls there has to be pink walls somewhere. I chose a paint swatch and picked four colors from it from darkest to lightest. Each wall progressively gets lighter

These walls are two different colors but it's difficult to see

The girl's room. The color is much richer and more vivid in real life. This picture doesn't do it justice

A shout out to Sherwin Williams. I love their paint buckets that are easy to shake and pour. And you can test any color you want for $5. Most places have some paint you can test, but only certain colors. Sherwinn Williams will mix any color they have for $5. It rocks.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

See Jane (Jill) Work

Hold on to your credit cards ladies. I have been wanting stuff from this store FOR-E-VER. It is SEE JANE WORK. I just haven't had an office. Well, now I do. And as it is--we painted our office Gray. We ran out of colors and thought why not. So I am excited about it because then I can accessorize with colors. I need more money though because I want everything from this store. Seriously--there is not one thing from this store I would not want. Looksie for yourself.

Maybe I'll start with funky paper weights

Then how about some SMENCILS Yes! smelly pencils

For my to do lists

Pouches to put my smencils and other random things in

Happy CD labels for my photography backups

Magazine holders. Or file holders. Also doubles as magnet board

Maybe one for Hy's homework papers, and one for my random papers.

Now I need folders to put in my magnetic folder holder. Maybe these

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The painting award . . .

I have come up for air. After what seems like days and days of painting--i"m done. Well not really. Just done with the color paints. I still have white painting to do. YOu know--bathrooms, closets, etc. etc. I forgot my camera so I have no pictures of my friends helping me paint.

But as I mentioned in a previous post I have a rockin' group of friends. I thought I'd Give each of the painting helper friends and award:

Lindsay--Coming out of the closet (and leaving it sparkling white)

Sheri--Sky High award (every painting job needs a tall person)

Cicily--Wraping it up (The paint brushes were still useable in the morning--genius)

Marlo--Stroke of Genius (She can cut in like nobody's business)

Lenor--Super Trooper (at 38 weeks or so pregnant--she still showed up and got the job done today)

Darcy--Almost my baby's mama (Darcy watched my kids for all of Monday and today as well as showing up on Tuesday night to paint--and then watch people paint while sipping Ginger Ale)

I'm sure I would have had more helpers but sometimes husbands like to play softball. Thanks for the help from everyone--I knew I could count on you and that alone is priceless.

Oh--and don't forget

Husaband Extraordinare--HY. He didn't paint, but he did put up ceiling fans so we could see, even though he wanted to be working on tile.

Are you all excited--I think I may take pictures of the colors to show you all. I was going to wait until we moved in and I had them all decorated, but I'm sure you're wanting to know what i went with. Stay tuned

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My hard working man--and other helpers

Check out my hard working man. He's been at the house everyday for weeks. This picture was funnier in real life. He has beent texturing the walls and the only part of his face that wasn't covered in white flecks was where his goggles were. So far he's torn down walls, pulled down popcorn, patched holes, put together cabinets, hung cabinets, painted, cleared off cement, layed wood floors and is now doing the bathroom tile. He's a super star

And of course I have to mention all of the help. Hyrum's family and my family have all lent their helping hands in the whole process. He didn't do all those things mentioned above by himself. Thanks to all of the people who have helped in the house and out of the house (babysitting) for us to get this task done. Here is some glimpses of our kitchen. I'll post dramatic before and afters later

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Why Arizona Rocks

Arizona rocks for alot of reasons. I mean, there are a lot of reasons why it sucks. Mostly that it is September and it's still 100+ flippin' degrees outside, of which I'm pissed about. But come January I will be loving the weather and all of my friends in Nether--lands (Not the Netherlands) will be crying while I am singing praises to my home state.

But one of the big reasons that Arizona rocks is this picture.

1. I for some reason have come upon a group of girls that rock. not kidding--absolutely rock. I have no doubt in my mind that they have my back in any situation. It's crazy to be able to say that I have 10 or so girls that I know don't talk trash about me. That's rare.

2. The majority of Arizonans are comfortable in swimwear. You have to be. It's too frickin' hot to pretend like you don't want to swim at a swim party.

3. Which leads to #3 . . . there are a lot of swim parties. I have a choice of multiple pools to go to at any given time. That rocks. In the picture above, my friend Cami rented out a public pool for a few hours for her husbands birthday. It had an awesome kid area, dive tank (where the diving boards are) and two super fun slides.

4. Post swim party Sonic drinks. Nothing like having someone make a run to Ned's and get subs and then Sonic to get Vanilla Dr. Pepper with that yummy Sonic ice. I know other people have Sonic, but it is truly a Arizona Summer requirement. OH, and you can buy Sonic ice here. I've heard a rumor that not all Sonics do that. WHAT???????

5. Flips Flops year round--enough said.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


This lovely bamboo flooring is being installed as we speak. Hy, my dad, and his dad are all there working their butts off to get that floor done. Hy says that is comely along slowly, but that it looks good. I think I want to wait until it's all done. I'm so excited. The only way we could afford it is if we could put it down ourselves. To have someone install it would have been about $4 a square foot. That is more than the flooring cost. Hy is also going to do the tile himself. I told him we could afford to pay someone to do it, but he want to learn himself. So I'm lettiing him. I also let him pick out the tile, because to me all tile is ugly. We're doing carpet in the bedrooms which should be installed on Tuesday. OUr cultured marbe shower walls should be installed on Monday. WHICH MEANS . . . we should be in not this weekend, but the next! Hooray! I still have to paint the bedrooms and the hall, the bathrooms and the closets. But once I feel better that shouldn't be too bad.

Last night I was awake most of the night trying not to swallow. My throat hurts that bad. So today we had a Doctor friend call me in a prescription. Thanks!!! It's nice to have connections. I'll let you know when I feel better, then I'll invite you all to come paint with me.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Got the Fever

I'm hot---all over hot. You know that sickness that makes you feel like you are a glowing fire ball of heat? That's me. I don't even remember the last time I had a temperature. I've been sick, but not with a temperature. Yep--it happens apparently when your insurance is no longer valid. Do I have bad karma? My throat hurts, but only one side. Weird. I'm super tired and can't seem to cool off. I really need to be working on our house and had planned on coaxing people into helping me paint tomorrow night, but now I don't know if I'll feel up to it. And I need to go to Spencers and order all of our appliances. GGRRRRR. Wah wah wah.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


If you haven't red my previous post, then now is the time to do so.

Read it? ok.

Here are some looks that I like: (however the mintish color light I like the shade not the three weird lights coming out of the middle)



too busy to post

I've rarely been too busy to post, but I have actually spent the last two days at our new house, cleaning and painting. My sister came down and she is a Get it done sort of person--we worked and worked and worked. The house is looking great. We have the kitchen, front room and master bedrom painted and all of the ceilings done. Woohoo! I'm looking for some stuff and since a lot of you are super internet shoppers I thought if you had any spare time you could whip up some suggestions. My kitchen is an all white kitchen--and it is looking awesome. White cabinets/white walls. So I'm accenting it in pink, red and funky green. What I need is a chandelier or some sort of light to put above the table. I would prefer red or dark pink. Look around peeps an see what you can find! E-mail them to me at the address on my sidebar, then I'll post what you've found.

People ask what my style is, and I don't know the term for it. I"m starting to call it Scandinavian because I tend to love stores from those countries. I.E. IKEA and Copenhagen/Denmarket. So, something more modern I guess. HOwever I would go for a super funk Anthropolgie-esk chandelier. I'm up for painting it too, if you just find a plain color.

Budget: $100

I was going to post a picture of what I want, but then I didn't want to limit you. Go crazy, let me know what you find.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


My friend Jenni C. asked me how I get my kids not to whine. She asked it in the comments and I didn't know if she checked them so I thought I'd post it here.

My trick for whining--same as my mother did: I make them change their tone. I started out repeating their whining request but changing it to a question and in a normal tone. then I'd make them repeat it and then I would give them their answer--and sometimes it was still no.

For example:

Mom Mom i want snack! Get me snack-I want popsicles wah wah wah

So I repeat in a polite tone:

"Mom can I have snack Please?"

Then I have them repeat it exactly like I say it.

then I say: "Yes, what would you like?" and if it's something like popsicles and I don't want them to have it I say "You may not have a popsicle right now, but you can have some crackers"

then if they keep whining I tell them they can whine all they want--in their room. And if one more whiney little tone comes out and put them in their room until they can use the proper tone.

my girls are so used to doing it that if they whine all I have to say is "Mom" and then they reform their question in proper tone and politely

My kids are in no way immune to being whiney brats--however they are not allowed to be whiney brats in front of me--they have to be whiney brats in their room.

That's how my mom did it. She did that with most things. We could throw tantrums all we wanted----IN OUR ROOM. But in front of her was not tolerated. Oh and never in public--we would get a look like "you're going to get it" and we would stop.

My mom made it clear from the beginning that she is an adult and we are kids and we may never address her on the same level. Many people think that treating a kid like a kid makes them feel invalidated blah blah blah. What it makes them feel is that they are safe, and they know where their place is in the world. My mom (and dad) raised 4 confident, respectful, independent, good work ethic kids. Not perfect--we have our fair share of misdeeds, but as for the big picture--they did an excellent job.

Maybe I should start a column "What would Gene and Kathy do?" and people can write in with their parenting questions. That could be fun.