Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrate Good Times

He passed. I knew he would--but he got some weird questions and it freaked him out, and then he had to wait 4 days for the results.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

IT's funny because it's True

Watch this with your spouse if you have kids.

It's funny. I promise you'll laugh.

Friday, February 11, 2011

And the award goes to . . .

And the "NO SHIT SHERLOCK" award goes to . . . .

the Government.

Is this the government actually mentioning that they are the reason this whole real estate thing went foul in the first place when they thought that EVERYONE needed to own a home?

Some people aren't responsible enough to drive, or have pets--why would you think that everyone would be responsible enough to own a home?

That is why the government should keep their nose out of things.


on blogging

Usually when I wash dishes, or sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I blog in my head. Usually I don't end up actually blogging those blogs--because by the time I am done doing dishes I have kids fighting over me, or when I wake up--I've forgotten what I wanted to say.

So as I was washing dishes today I was thinking about why people blog. And mostly why I blog. And it's to get random unconnected thoughts out of my head. These thoughts aren't developed enough to make a conversation--most are just statements of my opinion or a random observance--and that doesn't make much to converse about. And it's mostly like I'm talking at someone, versus talking with them. I just want them out of my head.

Some people don't get blogging. And I get that actually. But what some people don't get is that it's like having a conversation with a huge amount of people without having to wait your turn. And they don't have the pressure of agreeing, or disagreeing, or having to care at all. If it strikes them, they comment, if not, they move along to listen to someone else's random ramblings. It's perfect.

And for those of us at home--it's like being around the water cooler. A water cooler that is square with a keyboard attached--and when you are around the water cooler--you don't have to be in heels, you can be in an ugly fleece and drabby green sweat pants, with mascara smeared under your eyes from a horrible night of sleep that involved lying part of the night in your son's bed after he called to you LOUDLY at 4 AM through the doggy door that is fixed onto his bedroom door, and you rushed in to keep him quiet to ensure you wouldn't be spending the rest of the night with multiple kids in a bed. I'm sure NONE of you know what that's like.

So I have random things to say that may or may not elicit comments from any or none of you. But they will be out of my brain and I can move my thoughts onto more intellectual pursuits--like folding the laundry basket of whites--and figuring out how to read the REALLY LONG Peter Pan book and make it sound cohesive while I cut out most parts--did I mention it's REALLY LONG?

Commence unloading:

My youngest two take baths everyday. Not because I'm a clean person. Because it's an activity that buys me about 20 minutes to do something else.

To the people in power that are using the skirmish in Egypt as a reason to hike up gas prices--do you think we are stupid? You do this every time, and then reports come out later that nothing really interrupted your pipeline service or refineries. You are bastards and I hate you.

Finally went to Five Guys and ate last night. It was good. But the best was using their cool soda machine that I had only heard about on NPR. That is reason alone to go.

Finally watched Harry Potter with Hyrum last night. We were the only two in the the theater. But then a solo lady came in about 10 minutes in. Our thoughts of doing something frisky went out the door.

Speaking of frisky--did anyone else get weirded out during the movie when the horcrux necklace produced that image of a naked Harry and Hermione making out? Wah?

And during the whole movie we kept going--I want to go camping there, and there, and there. I want to pull a Danny Deckchair and fly somewhere to go camping.

Don't know what Danny Deckchair is? Rent it. It's one of my all time faves--it's a rewatcher for me.

If you need to get cupcakes for a party, and your school district doesn't let you make homemade ones--then go to Super Target. I was so excited to see cute simple cupcakes that weren't those crazy neon colors that turn your kids poop weird colors.

I just had to pay $150 to repair a $400 lens I bought two years ago. D.U.M.B. What I really want is a new lens--but that one is $1,300--that's never going to happen.

See--not really enough to start a conversation with. But I feel better.

Off to the laundry.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This is funny

This is probably only funny to me. But I needed to write it down before I forgot them.

Yesterday Josie told me that her leg hurts in the morning, so I told her it was probably because she was growing. She said, "It's probably because my taste buds are growing", to which I inquired, "Do you know where your taste buds are?", Josie said, "I have NO idea".

This morning she said: "I think Dad and I are related to Zebras, we can run fast, except we can't kick people's heads off."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Battle of the Sickses

I had to put it to a vote. I have two friends with families that are currently experiencing two very different ailments. I have discussed it with both of them, and each thinks that their situation is worse than the others. I have an opinion, but I'll leave it for later as to not influence the vote.

Family #1--Flu

Fact: Mom, Dad and 3 year old son have the Flu. So everyone is useless. They are on Day 5

Her side of the story: Fever, chills, bundled up all day under covers, liquipoo, stomach ache, head ache, sore all over, horrendous cough, runny nose, coughing up boogers, can't move, must wash all of the things in the house that anyone touches

Her quote: "I think unless you've had a fever recently it's hard to remember how horrible it is"

Family #2--Lice

Fact: 4 kids under 7 all with lice. Mom has it too--Dad does not. Also on Day 5

Her side of the story: Has to wash everyone's hair once a day, and sit through and pick out the lice from each strand of hair. They grab on, so you have to grab them at the roots and pull to the end of the hair. (so she chopped off the girl's hair). Takes about an hour per kid--of them having to sit still. Must wash every sheet in the house everyday. Had to bag up all stuffed animals and similar toys and put them in trash bags to sit out in the garage for 3 weeks so the kids toys are taken away. Has to keep the kids off the carpet in case there are lice in there, a sheet is placed down on top and the kids have to sit on it.

Her story: "I am not a bug person so pulling on those things makes me want to vomit"

I have kept the people anonymous--so if you figured out who they are don't mention them.

So who has it worse?

Cast your vote!