Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Burrito!!!

How awesome is this? Free dinner for the fam. Just bring a can of food and you get a free burrito. One can of food per person.

To see the info on the flyer click the picture and it will pull up larger.

Here is the link to United Food Bank

Spread the word

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spiritual Side

What you never see from me here is my spiritual side. I've considered doing Sunday posts for a while, but one of my goals is to stay away from the computer on Sunday--so that never worked. But here I am today so I thought I'd do it.

Most people know or have figured out that I am Mormon. I was raised Mormon by a religious mother with Mormon Pioneer heritage and my father, who is not Mormon, was raised by a very Bible loving mother. She never wore pants because she swore that somewhere in the Bible its said that women shouldn't wear them. But he isn't nor ever has been (in my memory) religious. If ever I'd ask he'd say "I've seen things", which assume means he has seen things that makes him believe there is no God. My father has a HUGE heart and I assume he can't stand the idea that bad things happen to people and that if there was a God--those things wouldn't happen. So now out of my family my sister and I go to church, and my two brothers don't. Kind of funny how that split.

Anyhow. I believe what my church teaches. And I believe Mormons who follow the teachings of our church are good people. I also think most people who subscribe to other religions are good people. There is a misconception that Mormons think that other religions are wrong. We don't. We think there are great teachings in many religions. We read and believe in the Bible, so how could we think other religions were wrong? We don't. I have many friends who are other religions. Good people. All of them. The difference is that we believe we have MORE information. Additional scripture as well as a Prophet of God living today that can give us revelation. He reveals to us things that God wants us to know and be focused on now. It makes sense to me. Perfect sense.

What I figure is this:

Either Joseph Smith saw what he saw or he didn't. It's that simple. I believe he did, or he wouldn't have gone through that much persecution. And it wasn't easy to be an early Mormon. I don't think those people would have suffered what they did if he didn't seem like a prophet of God.

And, if in the end, when I die, it turns out that I was wrong . . . that he was wrong--- Well then I would have lived a good life. A life with family as an emphasis, and good values, surrounded by good people----a happy life.

But I think that won't be the case.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


To mothers of 6 month old girls:

You have 16 years to prepare your daughters. I think I'm raising a heartbreaker.



Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm not big on Vinyl lettering. Mostly because it says things that I wouldn't put on my wall, and it's usually done in flowery, swirly sort of writing and in fonts I'm not fond of. But I saw this Etsy shop on Little Window shoppe. Now I want something. I'm trying to figure out where I can put a tree. Or something, anything of theirs. Love it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Almost tears

The best words I've heard in a LONG time:

Hyrum, you have been placed in the Maricopa Community College Nursing Program in the Scottsdale Healthcare accelerated program at Scottsdale Community College.

Translation: Light at the end of the tunnel.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A little of this

Spring Break has been some good times. With the exception of my bad news bear moment of not putting sunscreen on myself and sitting in the sun for 5 hours. Y-O-U-C-H. My rocking sister-in-law rented a cabana by the pool at Pointe Hilton Resorts-Tapatio Cliffs. Weather in the 90's, heated pool, cousins to keep the kids busy, a cabana with television and fridge that was close the water so kids could rest and babies could sleep. And multiple pools for the kids to run to.


Then we've had family lunches and late night hang outs all in preparation for Hyrum's sister's wedding.

It's been good. Real good.

Minus my righteous sunburn.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I don't see it happening

Politics. Again. I know, it's popping up all over, and a lot on my blog. So here goes some more. My brother, a good ol' right winger, loves to send me stuff. Some of it good, some of it over the top. But then he sent me this article. Long, very long. But I read it. And it stirs inside me. It stirs something that has never been stirred until now, by now I mean the last year or so, but more now. I've never been politically active, never really cared to. I hate hearing the blah blah blah of both sides--each lying about the other, or making gross overstatements. I know this because I listen to both NPR and KTAR. Both wings. But this article (among others I've been reading) make my heart beat a little faster. Do I think that Obama is a super socialist lunatic? NO. I think he is trying to do what he thinks is right and fair. In theory I would love for everyone to be fed, taken care of with a beautiful house to live in. My college degree is in Health and Human Service Administration. That means non-profit organizations, YMCA, Food Banks, Red Cross, Boys and Girls clubs etc. etc. I am not good at making money or charging people for things. I just want everyone to get things.

But I was raised by hard working parents, who had hard working parents, who had hard working parents. And being that for my career I was around "the poor" I have learned that they are there by choice. I know it's PC to cry rivers for the poor. They have been jilted by everyone--wah wah wah. But I know this--They don't live in Cuba. They live in America. They live in a land where, if they want to, they can make anything of themselves. They can get a college education for free ( I know I applied for many scholarships that weren't available to be because I wasn't poor enough, or ethnic enough). If they are immigrants, they can get free English classes. The poor can receive free job training and placement. They can get free child care to do these things. And these aren't government programs. These are non-profit programs. Programs that are funded by who???? Oh the Wealthy bastards everyone hates so much. Yes the people who have so much money coming out their wazoos that they set up trusts and foundations to fund these organizations.

I saw it, I worked it, I know it.

That's why it stirs inside me when I hear "Distribution of Wealth". To me I hear "Beat down the rich so they don't want to work hard anymore and piss on the hopes and dreams of everyone". If the rich people (who apparently hate the poor) aren't there to fund programs for the people the supposedly hate, then who is going to? OH, that's right, no one. These non-profit organizations will go away, but that's ok because the government is there to make everyone wealthy and equal.

But I don't see it happening. One thing America is known for is fighting. And I've never been a fighter, but I feel that fighter coming out. My husband at one point planned to go to medical school. That is 8 years of education/training beyond the 4 years he had already done in college. And lots of money and lots of sacrifice of family time. I tell you this. If we were into the wealth distribution plan, he wouldn't do it. I am not going to sacrifice my family time, for other people to sit on their butts and get the money he worked so hard and sacrificed so much for.

That is why I don't see it happening. Because the people like me who have sat silent for so long, just minding our own business and working day to day, are no longer being silent. We are a country with ancestry of freedom fighters. It's within us all. We will fight for liberty and live free or die trying.

So try as you will for these things---Big Government Peeps, but be ready for a fight.

Some highlights of the aforementioned article:

"For the liberal ideologue, poverty is not an economic condition per se, a temporary condition of low earnings that can be alleviated over time as those who are poor pursue opportunities and become better off. Rather, it is a permanent and reified condition: the poor are not just those who are earning less than others; they are those who have been made poor and who will continue poor, poverty being inherited in the manner that aristocratic titles may be in Britain. One acquires one's victimhood and retains it all one's life and passes it down to one's progeny, and just as aristocratic titles retain their own perks, so does impoverishment. "

"without the powerful effect of the free market, no one has any real incentive to work"

Monday, March 16, 2009

I puffy heart gas stations

As I was filling up our Suburban today at the gas station with all the kids loaded in the car I got a giddy feeling. It was nostalgic, it was excitement, it was adventure. That's when I realize that I love gas stations. I was looking at my kids with their Sonic drinks in hand, just happy to be out anywhere other than the house. And I remember that feeling. Gas stations meant we were going Somewhere--Anywhere. Mostly it brought back memories of trips to the Lake as a kid. Everyone would pull up and gas up before we left. And if we were lucky we could get a soda or a candy bar. It also brought back memories of college days when we'd Road Trip--again to somewhere--anywhere. Or just stopping for a soda before our day of thrift shopping. It wasn't ever a bad memory, it wasn't drab, it wasn't the getting gas, it was the symbol of what the adventure was.

It was fun to lean in the car with my elbows on the seat and talk to Annabelle as she was sipping her grape slush. She was having fun. We were getting gas, and making a memory, a little--life is good--memory. She'll remember times like these, or times when Hyrum takes her on dates just to get a drink at QT. Who knew that gas stations were more than gas?

Cheers to Gas Station memories. *clink* (of our gas station drinks)

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Kizz

I did a photo shoot with Kizzy in her new dress from Target. Link to my PHOTO BLOG. Or check them individually--Check it HERE and the second part HERE.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


I remember what the box looked like when I got my first pair of skates. Very exciting. Annabelle was so excited about the skates she got for her birthday. She wore them all day until it was time for bath and pajamas. Then I caught her in her pajamas trying to put them on. She's getting the hang of it--it's so fun and nostalgic to watch.





Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear Winter

Dear winter,

I will miss you for two reasons:

hot chocolate


braless trips to the grocery store.

p.s. I now have a 3 months supply of spaghetti/alfredo sauce, and Kraft Mac&Cheese thanks to Fry's.

p.p.s This is my second post today, don't miss the other.

Fab-u day

So yesterday was a grand day.

Hyrum surprised me and set up the whole day along with babysitting.

Girls---you all know that's huge. Mostly the setting up the babysitting.

Anyhow, we were supposed to go to lunch, but I had made a hair appointment (I was looking quite shabby) so we went to brunch at


Where I actually tried something other than the Shawarma Pita or Lavosh Pizza. I had a bean and rice and vegetable plate. It had nasty tofu on it--which i tried, but that texture. I just can't do it.

Then we ran into the mall to get pants for Beck for Hyrum's sister's wedding and I ran through Forever 21 quickly and bought the cutest pair of trousers. And actually age appropriate--I looked for a pic online but they didn't have one.

Then I got my hair done--whew look so much better

Then we dropped the kids off and went to dinner at La Grande Orange Pizzeria. It's the first time we've ever eaten there. So good! We had the Spinach, Apple & Pecan salad and then we had a 1/2 and 1/2 pizza. 1/2 Avocado with Prosciutto and 1/2 Mushroom Party. Holy crow--so flippin good.

Then we saved room for the best gelato in town. SO worth the drive to Phoenix, Arlecchino Gelateria. Where I got a scoop of cocounut and a scoop of fruit blend (pineapple, strawberry, raspberry). Ridiculously good. I usually get nutella or something with hazelnuts but I branched out. My favorite there is their Mascarpone but they didn't have it.

Got home and put the kids to bed--and they were awesome!

Couldn't have had a better day!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

9 years ago

Today is my 9th anniversary. In today's world I think it counts as double that. Usually when I see people's wedding pictures I think they look like babies. Do we? I don't think so--I was 24 when we got married. I love all the details I remember:

My mom made my dress--I wanted a 3/4 length sleeve with a tulle skirt and no one made them then.

Hyrum wore a suit instead of a tux--loved that

Gerbera daisies were and are my favorite so I just a handful of those as my bouquet

My friend's grandpa did our sealing--a wonderful wonderful man

How the ladies in the Temple lost my hoop skirt for a while and ran around in a frenzy

We had chocolate covered strawberries at our reception because they are my favorite

The orange blossoms had just come out so the air was so sweet

How handsome he looked in his charcoal suit

It was a beautiful day

and now the cheesey part:

I remember how much Hyrum adored me--the way he looked at me, and treated me, and still married me after he was late to pictures because he forgot to bring my bouquet and had to turn around and go back to his house to get them and how I flipped on him. Poor lad. But he still went through with it.

Happy Anniversary to us.

And Hyrum, I love you.

Friday, March 6, 2009

That's right I said it

I've been stewing about this "Economic Crisis" thing for months. Some of the things I say may be heartless and stinging but I think they are true--and I'm not apologizing.

I'm one of those people that hates to hear people complain about anything. My motto is --do something about it or shut up.

All I'm hearing everywhere is whine whine whine, blame blame blame. No one is stepping up and saying--I had a part in this and I'm going to do what I can to step up.

I want ONE just ONE somebody somewhere to step up and do just that.

Politicians---pointless. They are too busy pointing fingers and talking trash to get anything done. How is that I can work in an environment, like most people, who have differing opinions right and left and still get something accomplished. And they can do nothing--worthless piles.

I come from blue collar. Small town, hard working, do it yourself sort of stock. My dad built our house all on his own without any sort of carpentry know how. He read books. When they moved he hung the front door that day. They lived with milk crates as cupboards for years. They paid as they went. Now my dad is retired, his house is paid for, his cars are paid for his EVERYTHING is paid for. My parents never had credit card debt. If they ever used one, they paid it off at the end of the month. If they didn't have money for something, they didn't do it or they didn't buy it. And they saved their money--yes, savings. Guess what--now they are living well. Not crazy--own a second home in Sand Diego well, but clear conscience we have no debt and enough to live on and buy things we want, well.

I wish everyone was raised with that example. Because guess what--if everyone were like my parents---we wouldn't be in this mess.

I was listening to the radio today and they were talking about helping those with mortgages that are all about to foreclose. REALLY? Oh I'm so sorry for all those people who bought houses they couldn't afford with money they didn't have and a stated income that didn't exist. Oh poor poor them. UM . . NOT.

I do know some people got hoodwinked. Mortgages are hard to understand and there are lying cheats out there who just wanted to make a buck. But I also know that those people who got hoodwinked are people who are probably busting their butts right now to do all they can to make their payment and who, if they could, would just want to refinance at a normal rate like everyone else--not a special rate for the poor taken advantage of souls--just a flat rate on what they owe. I can deal with that.

But on the radio today they were saying how people who are upside down in their mortgages and behind on their payments may get to refinance at rates as low as 2%. The first words out of my mouth were :

BullSh** (A term I learned from my hard working, blue collar, pay as you go parents)

Let me let you in on a little secret. My husband and I bought a house with a mortgage that is more than we can afford right now. That is, more than we can afford with our basic monthly income. And in order to afford it, every year when we get our tax return, we use it to pay the shortage in our mortgage each month. We don't buy fun things with it. Because we CAN'T AFFORD FUN THINGS. And the stimulus money we got last year--it was going to go to a trip to Disneyland, but then instead we paid to fix our 1994 suburban. As for Disneyland--we never told our kids about it. In fact they don't know Disneyland exists, because we never told them about it, so they don't know what they are missing. And guess what--they are happy children--I know--shocker. Ok, I digressed, back to my point.

We, like most of you, are paying our mortgage on time in full. We figure it out. So why is it that the people who made BAD DECISIONS get a 2% interest rate to stay in their home that they purchased that was too much for them and we get nada?

Oh Yeah--I remember--because we keep the economy going. That's right. You, me, my parents, my husband's parents and my next door neighbor. We are the workforce. We are the ones who lay low on the radar, go to work everyday, collect a paycheck, live on a budget, and pay our mortgage. We are the ones that create the steady influx of dollars to the financial institutions that keep their doors open. We're the ones who save our pennies and splurge every once in a while for a big screen TV (well not us, but you guys).

How about this--how about they take all of us who are at our 6% or 7% interest rates and cut us a deal for a year or two. Just bump us down to 4% or 5%. Guess what? We would probably spend that money and stimulate the economy. I might even take my kids to Disneyland and hire someone to paint the exterior of our house, and landscape our yard. That's an idea.

But I realize that would never happen. Because we are the worker bees. We are the dependable ones. We are the ones who are keeping things going.

For that, on behalf of me and all of my cohorts, I'd like to tell the American public this:


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Annabelle's birthday!

My first born is 7. Holy cow. I can't say that it's gone by fast though. I think I do pretty well at cherishing each moment so I don't feel like anything is missing. She is such a beautiful girl. She can't help but obey, maybe it's a first born thing. She's super responsible and loves her baby brother. She helps with the other kids too. She's independent (like all of my children). She's smart. And her hair . . .who doesn't love her hair? Did I mention how fun she is? You can see that here.

As for her finger--she shut it in the car door. Literally, she had to open the door to get it out. It's ok though. Anyhoodles . . .

She can read now, and read well. She likes to read stuff on the computer so I thought it'd be great if everyone left her a little birthday shout out.






And the one below--she makes this face all the time. Mostly when she's excited about something and does a little victory dance and song that goes "Oh yeah, uh-huh, Oh yeah"