Friday, July 30, 2010

Imparting Wisdom

Somehow our dinner scripture study which was focused on priesthood blessing and the power for God to heal, turned to where babies come from. Randomly, my friend and I had just been having the conversation on how to impart that wisdom to our children.

I learned in 3rd grade. Not from my parents, but from my friend whose mom was much more open and liberal. She was a good girl, it wasn't like a trashy thing, but I learned LOTS. 3rd grade. Guess what grade Annabelle is entering. . .

That's right.

So it's up to me to be the front line. She had asked some sort of question and she said, "you know. Like when moms and dads kiss and the seed goes from the dad to the mom" She was saying the men do have babies (because of the seed part) because I was talking about the glorious blessing that was given specifically to women to be creators and carriers of life.

Luckily, my friend had told me that she had read in a book to make it exciting and special like she was going to be in on a big secret that was JUST WONDERFUL.

So that's what I did.

I said "That's not how it works. But dad and I are going to tell you soon."

and she excitedly said, "Tell me now! I want to know"

and I said, "I can't. We only get to tell you when you are 8 and there are some kids around the table who aren't 8. But it's going to be great and you'll get to know something very, very special and sacred. You'll get to know how it work! It's very important (meanwhile I have a big exciting smile on my face) and it's also very sacred. Do you know what sacred means?"

She shook her head no

I said "It means it's something that Heavenly Father thinks is very special and spiritual. So we are going to make a time for just you, dad and I to get together and it's going to be super great."

So now what do I do?

Come on people, give me what you got. Either what you did that worked, or didn't work. Books, tips, suggestions.

Help a girl out here. I'm now on a timeline.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rich people should give their money away

Someone PLEASE explain this to me.

Why does everyone--or at least many government officials--hate the rich?

My morning NPR has brought me to this morning's rant. Pansy politicians who want the rich to be punished--because they are rich--those wealthy bastards. Seriously?

Bush's tax cuts end at the end of the year. So politicians are scrambling at what to do. Taxes are supposed to go up across the board. An estimated 2.5% for everyone. The estate tax to 55% that's right people, you get taxed twice for making money.

Their thinking as presented on the radio: It's a recession, we can't up taxes. The public would be outraged. But then again, if we just up the taxes for people who make over $250,000 then that could show the people of America how we are serious about the deficit. The only people who aren't happy with taxing the rich are the rich. (that is actually what they said)

Um, WRONG. I'm not happy with it. And I'm the poor. TECHNICALLY poor. I think we're actually technically poverty at the moment, but that is just ridiculous.

Why do the rich have to take care of everything? Did they get rich by never having to pay taxes, or working hard? No. It's not fair. If they choose to work 80+ hour weeks and max out their credit cards to start a business that ends up becoming successful then we should celebrate that. Because guess what, they created jobs. LOTS and LOTS of jobs. And even if they didn't. It's THEIR money. We have NO RIGHT to it. They should be treated like everyone else. EVERYONE should be taxed the same. Make it fair.

Because you know what it actually does? It makes the rich want to hide their money in off shore accounts. OR it makes people like dentists and doctors figure out a way to make $249,999 a year just to fly under the radar. Even though they should be able to make as much money as they want. They went to at least 8 years of school AFTER high school. It's a sacrifice--they should earn the money they deserve and not be punished for it.

And the pansy politicians. Some want to vote on it soon (the ones from poor areas) to show that they are serious about things. Then the ones from the suburbs want to wait until after elections. Their constituents are "the rich". Balls up people. Do what you would do either way.

Politicians suck.


Oh and the estate tax. Don't forget about that. Here is the letter from the government:

Dear people who are dead,

Thank you for working so hard for the American dream. You saved (unlike us) and lived within your means (unlike us) you managed your estates well (unlike us). Thank you for working at a time when industry was actually located IN America. For working jobs that required shift work, hard hats and steel toed boots. We as a government salute you (suckers) with our hands to our foreheads (or our middle fingers). The taxes that you paid on that hard earned money has paid for roads and schools and so many worthwhile programs. Again we thank you (*snort).

Now that you are dead, as of January 1st, 55% of it is now OURS. We hope your work ethic and thriftiness is passed on to your children (so we can someday take their money too--oh wait we just did). Didn't anyone tell you that you can't take it with you?


U.S. Government

Post note: This rant is dedicated to my hardworking, thrifty parents. Who have no debt, have money in the bank, and land with a home that is paid in full. I will do my best as your daughter to lawfully make sure that the government doesn't see a penny of what you worked so hard for. I just need to find me a "rich" person who knows the tricks.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I can

This awesome site on Canning is the coolest. It has free dowloadable print labels and everything! It makes me want to can some stuff. I was tipped off by the best blog arond: How about Orange. If you don't have that on your reader you should, most of the stuff I am tipped off to has come from there.

National Debt

The national debt FREAKS ME OUT. I want some sort of "Dear Government, get us out of debt, I have to live on a budget and so should you" sort of T-shirt I could wear everywhere everyday. I am pretty extreme in my how I think the government should cut spending. You could call it heartless, I just call it drastic. We are at that point.

Like why are we sending aid to all of these countries that are experiencing natural disasters and to poor countries that need vaccinations? I think they need help, but we don't have ANY money. We are putting donations on a credit card. We give aid to almost everyone. But seriously, it's time everyone gave aid to us. We are like the rich guy who lives in the rich neighborhood and drives the brand new Jaguar and wears brand new name brand clothes and goes on elaborate vacations, and then you notice one day there is a foreclosure notice on his house and people are repossessing his crap like gangbusters. Turns out that guy didn't really have any money.

Now before you think I'm absolutely heartless, I'm not. My degree was in non-profit health and human services, and I KNOW that the American people take care of themselves and others by donations and service. That is how things should be. And why does America always have to be the ones that swoop in and help everyone. It's time that we take a back seat and say, "Guess what--we aren't in a position to help everyone right now" "But call China, they are ready to step up onto the world stage and help everyone" Why is it ALWAYS America? I am not naive to say that no other countries send aid. They do, but we usually send the biggest chunk. Really. Let's play a game of Tag. Tag E.U., Tag Japan, Tag South American countries, Tag Canada. Please step in for us until we get back on our feet, then when we are debt free and living on a balanced (or surplus--nah never) budget then we would happy to let you tag us back and we will be the leaders yet again.

Also, get us out of war---that's expensive, quit spending to fix our economy (part of my theory is that America is spending so Americans are not--it scares them), reduce the size of government and hand it back to the people (that is what our founders dreamed of), create a law that says that the budget must be balanced or all overspending comes from the incomes and retirement of the politicians (that might put a fire under their butts now wouldn't it?).

But that is never going to happen, we are too busy vacationing in Bali. (Thanks for fronting us the money China--your I.O.U. is in the mail)

p.s. The reason I'm thinking about this TODAY is because I went HERE and read what my debt free hero had to say on the subject. Make sure to listen to the audio part.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cutest Backpacks Ever

Kizzy already has her backpack for preschool, it's a hand me down that has gone through Annabelle and Josie and I love it. But if she didn't she'd be getting this one.

And for fun I'd buy Beck this one:

Each $20 at Land of NOD

Ridiculously cute right?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


These girls can be wicked enemies, so seeing this was a nice change.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's time for soccer league sign up. This soccer league plays at Crossroads Park on Greenfield/Knox.

Here is the link to their site. Just wanted to spread the word.


He pooped again today. Twice. So we have him in underwear. He seems very excited and proud of myself. He seems to know it's a big deal. Wouldn't this be cool?

Friday, July 16, 2010

A girl can hope

Dear People Who Don't Care,

Beck has pooped on the toilet 3 times. One was a week or so ago, and then one yesterday, and then one today. The one today is the most exciting because Annabelle told me that he grabbed her hand and walked her to the bathroom. Then she said, "Do you need to poop?" And he nodded his head, then he sat down and did his business. I'm not getting my hopes up too high, we're taking it slow. But having NO kids in diapers is sounding really good. And he's not even 2 yet. Woo-hoo!



Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's 7:30 a.m.

It's 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. I've been up since 6:04. My house is dirty and I don't want to clean it because my kids made the mess. I let them, because I didn't feel well last night, but still--not my mess. I'm fighting cleaning it because I actually have the energy. But the point is that they need to learn to clean up after themselves. So I sat down at the computer abut 20 minutes ago and just started waisting time. F.Y.I. none of the girls clothing store carry the boyfriend jeans for the Fall. BOOO. Unless you are a plus size, then GAPKIDS has some left for $10! My kids are unplus. While looking at jeans I realized they are all ugly. I"m done with skinny, I'm done with bootcut, and flare has sucked for a while. My kids have to wear pants to school which bites. Really? At least let them wear capris or something. Ugh. I picked the school so I really shouldn't complain. I'm hungry, but I don't want cereal. Now that I actually have started looking at the ingredients I don't want to eat cereal. I've really started to annoy myself with my current obsession about food. Nothing is healthy unless I'm eating straight vegetables. (Calli I partially blame you) Processed food has really freaked me out lately. And although we just found THE MOST DELICIOUS home made Mac n' Cheese recipe, I felt guilty the whole time I was eating it because it wasn't nutritious. I want to get out of my head. I used to think alot like this in college and I remember talking to my friend Ryan Solomon about how we wish we could just turn out brains off. I can't quit thinking and it's driving me crazy. The other day I got depressed because I have a happy and relatively easy life while there are service men and women out there who are fighting and living in the heat with crappy conditions. I couldn't stop feeling guilty about it. WHAT? I can't fix that. Out of my control. But still won't stop thinking about it. And I'm already worried about who my three girls will marry and if they will be able to have children. WHAT??? My oldest is 8. I'm just afraid that with the way things are now, it is just going to be worse years from now and all of the boys will be stupid shmucks who aren't good enough and I'll just have to bite my lip and watch them deal with hard things. Then what if my son ends up being one of those creepy shmucks that tries to feel a girl up on the first date? Then my kid is a creepy Mormon boy (I've dated some) that can't control his hormones. WHAT?? Then what about Obama? Czars scare the hell out of me. I've never been scared for the future of America, I've never felt it be so divided, I've never been this scared of Government control. And the more I read about the founding fathers the more I realize how out of touch this government is (and former governments) from what they were trying to set up and I fear that due to my lack of knowledge of history and others lack as well, we are doomed to make horrible decisions. It feels so divided. The Government is suing our State for enforcing a FEDERAL LAW. That is just absurd. And on NPR the guest said that what is written in the 25 page lawsuit was something to the effect of "This law will disrupt relations with Mexico" and that is one of the major factors in the lawsuit. UM???? WHAT??? You know what disrupts my relations with Mexico?? The fear of death if I go there. Um, their drug cartels telling our law enforcement that they have snipers set up on the other side of the border and to watch their step, or a rancher being killed on his own land, or 20 people being killed 12 miles from the AZ border 20! I think Arizona should file a counter lawsuit against the feds for NOT enforcing federal law. What about all of the people who do it the legal way, file papers and do all of what is required of them to become citizens. What about them? What a slap in the face it is to see others do it illegally and get away with it. This morning I thought about how annoyed I am when I stand in line for a new movie, get their hours early so I can get a seat, sit and listen to stupid people talk about stupid things, and finally they let the line go and then I watch someone walk past the line and just sneak in the front. I want to rip their hair out. And that is just a movie. It doesn't affect my whole life. I couldn't imagine what the legal immigrants feel like. WHAT?? I want eggs for breakfast, and went to Fresh and Easy thursday to pick up some things. On my list was eggs 99 cents for 18 count. So I was going to load up. and I forgot. So now I"m eggless, and as you know I can't eat cereal. Toast is out because it's processed. My stomach is growling.

All of this by 7:30 a.m. (and I kept A LOT to myself)