Friday, January 29, 2010

Dr. Destructo

My dishes. Broken. Everywhere. Actually. Just my cereal bowls. My colorful cereal bowls that I love. Yes the ones that are no longer available at Urban Outfitters. Boo. Hoo. Hoo. This is what I get. For showering. After the gym.

And this:

is what I get for cleaning the house and not paying attention to what is going on in the kitchen.

Not pictured: Honey Bunches of Oats cereal box emptied on the floor. Or the baking soda dumped out and stomped on.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Letters in my head

These are the letters I wrote in my head while on the stationery cycle at the gym watching the Today Show.

Dear John Edwards,

You continued your bid for the presidency when you KNEW you fathered an illegitimate daughter? Did you honestly think that in this day and time of media that no one would EVER find out? And then as President, what would you have done when the ball dropped? And your wife was sick with Cancer. You are despicable and should be castrated.

xoxo Disgusted Woman/American Citizen

Dear Teenage Girl in Haiti who got rescued 15 days later,

Thanks for sticking through and holding on despite despair. This world needs some hope and strength and you showed us a thing or two.

xoxo Grateful Human Being

Dear Elin Woods,

You are nice to help your husband with his "addiction". But just know--you don't have to do it as his wife.

xoxo Woman who wants you to show that it is NOT ok for men to treat women like that

Dear President Obama,

I think you are an excellent orator and that you have amazing speech writers. They should get a raise. I also think that you will be a very quoted president because of that. But you feigning disgust at the political games of Democrats and Republicans fighting and talking trash of one another, well, it was a little far fetched. I have heard you refer to Republicans as "them". I would prefer that you our President and leader, refer to our elected officials of both sides as "we". And stop all of the talk about Republicans saying no just to say no. Remember that Bi-partisanship is just that--Bi-partisan. Has it escaped you that the prefix Bi means two? And sticking to your guns with your healthcare bill as is and not appealing to the other side ("them") is not being bi-partisan. You can't have things all your way and then say---they aren't being bi-partisan. When you say things like "they just won't work with us", I imagine in my head both sides with their arms folded like a child's fight over who gets what toy. How about YOU sit them both down in a room and make them not come out until both sides have something to be proud about. If they are going to act like children, treat them like children.

Furthermore, you talk a nice talk. Now if you walk a nice walk--I think this country could benefit.

xoxo American citizen/Moderate Republican (considering changing to Independent) who is tired of the bull

Dear middle-aged woman at the gym with small B cup real bosoms,

You are refreshing to see in this land of silicone. Props to you my natural sista.

xoxo President of the League of small but happy chested women

Dear ticker tape that read "State colleges want more students to get diplomas",

cc: ASU's president

Here is a tip, how about not tripling tuition in the past ten years. Or maybe not growing your University to ridiculous size and spreading it out across a major metropolitan city. Or charging ridiculous amounts just to park to make up for the ridiculous sprawl.

xoxo Actual graduate who understands why some don't finish

Dear Health food correspondent,

I DO NOT like whole grain pasta. It's just not good. I eat whole wheat bread and get my whole grains there. And since I only eat Pasta once a week, I'm going to stick with my white four, enriched Barilla noodles and enjoy every last bite.

xoxo Happy eater who is not overweight, and does not have high cholesterol.

Monday, January 25, 2010

painting project

Crap, another cool project I want to do. My kids go to a very strictly academic school so they don't get a lot of visual/arts stimuli. I really want them to be able to think of math and arts in more depth than drilled subtraction sheets and coloring pages.

So who's in?

Umm. Marlo. I need you here for the straight lines. desperately.

Check this project HERE at super cool Mer Mag.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Pediatrician

I'm considering switching pediatricians

Does anyone go to, or know anyone who goes to

Pediatric Medical Associates?

The doctors are:

Louis Iorio

Norman M. Saba

William R. Seitter

Their office is on Greenfield/Baseline

I was considering Iorio because I read somewhere that he is also open to holistic medicine.

Anything you got would help.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crap Pile

I have wood floors and since I don't really have to worry about any carpet gettting crusty from spills and crumbs I pretty much let the kids snack anywhere they want. And I let them take their toys all over the house. I am NOT an uptight house cleaner. I wish I were. I just let them play and spread their funk everywhere. Then when I can't take it anymore, I take a broom and sweep EVERYTHING into a crap pile. Clothes, books, crumbs, sippy cups etc. etc. I don't stop to pick up anything. So then all of the things that need to be picked up are in one location. Then I tell the kids that I have a crap pile and if there is anything they want to save from the trash they better go get it. And they do. Then I sweep the rest into my dust pan and throw it away.

It has simplified my cleaning process. And it doesn't feel as overwhelming to the kids to clean up.

Cic--I know you are probably dry heaving at the fact that I have this much crap to sweep up.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Passing the torch


Today Josie was running after Annabelle because Annabelle got out of the car before her at the bus stop and that's not kosher with her. So she jumped out and sprinted after her. Although Josie is faster than Annabelle, she wasn't able to catch up due to Josie having to shut the car door. So about half way across the retention park Josie stopped, slouched her little shoulders and walked slowly. Then I saw a 4th grade girl, and older sister to Josie's friend, come running towards her. Then she did it. What happened to me all throughout my growing years, even into my college years some. She picked her up, with ease and walked her toward the bus.

She is me . .. I thought.

She is tiny and light as a feather. I remember people, many people, in different situations picking me up. It would start with one person picking me up for some random reason and going, "Whoa you are so light". Then they would encourage others in the group to pick me up. And so whoever was around and felt so inclined, would pick me up all with a surprised look. Gasps on occasion. Not only was I short, but a feather weight.

I would get piggy back rides. In high school I had a friend who called me his "little jet pack" He would put his fists next to his chest thumbs up and I would jump on his back, hold on to his thumbs, and he would give me a ride to my next class.

These sort of things were normal to me. ABSOLUTELY NORMAL.

In college, it was mostly people making "Wow you are T-I-N-Y" comments. My free rides to class were over. But that is when I was given the name "Little Jill". In the small town I grew up in I was just Jill, no need to decipher between me or the other Jills. There were no other Jills. In fact, at the time I lived there you could have pulled into the gas station and asked, "Where does Jill live?" no need for a last name, and they would have pointed you down the street to where I lived.

I digress.

Anyhow, Little Jill, is what people called me. Well, mostly they called me Jill, but it was more like a reference. "Do you know Jill?" "Jill?" "Little Jill?" "Oh, yes"

So now I pass the torch. To my little Josie. I call her little Josie, so I'm sure everyone else will.

And maybe in high school she can score some free rides to class.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Magnet wall

How cool is my new magnet wall. That's right an ENTIRE wall that I can stick things to. I love it. My friend's husband hooked me up with it in a trade. I got the cool magnets from Target's dollar section. This is where their artwork is going to go, and someday when I get my crap together, their chore chart as well.



Friday, January 8, 2010

Land O'Lakes

What 1 year old could resist the chocolatey temptation of Land O' Lakes triple chocolate hot chocolate, while mom was busy?

Certainly not this one.




Thursday, January 7, 2010


I don't believe I haven't blogged about this before


Best cooking blog ever.

Because I don't cook something unless their is a picture. An appetizing picture.

p.s. Bingy--pass this along to your mother, I don't know if she keeps up on my blog.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ask Calli January Style

First off a big CONGRATS to my friend Calli who graduated from ASU! Sionara maroon and gold.

Being the first of the year, I asked Calli for her best tips. So here you go:

Calli’s Top 10 for 2010!!

1) Think before you eat. Before shoving something in your mouth, think “Is this benefiting my body in some way?” If the answer is NO, then put it down and move on.

2) Move more. If you have no time to exercise, then make time! If that is difficult too, then do the easy things like choosing the farthest parking spot in the lot or doing jumping jacks in the commercials of your favorite show, or do active things on the weekends instead of dinner and a movie which is sit, eat, then sit some more.

3) Produce over package. When doing the grocery shopping, spend more time in the produce section gathering fruits and vegetables. Don’t even waste your time in the cookie, cracker, and Pop-tart isles. Not all packaged foods are bad, but they take more time and investigation on your part. You can’t go wrong with fresh produce!

4) Be adventurous. The American diet of steak and potatoes has given us some bad health statistics. Be adventurous and try Thai, Greek or fresh Mexican food. Different cuisines usually offer more vegetables and colors in the meal, which always a plus! These are great places to try. Pita Jungle YC’s Mongolian Grill, Wild Thaiger

5) Eat more fish. It is tough living in a land locked state, but fish is the bomb. Some fish offer super lean protein, others offer essential fats that improve our health. Try to eat fish 3 times or more a week. You will notice a difference! Learn how to buy and cook fish here!

6) Don’t go nuts! Just eat more of them…Don’t rely on peanuts and peanut butter to fulfill this. Eat more almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pecans. One handful everyday!

7) Count your colors. The best way to achieve a healthier lifestyle, weight loss goal, or improve a health condition is to load up on the vegetables and fruits. Try to eat 3 or more different colors at each meal. Here are some great recipes! Breakfast Smoothie Vegetable Fajitas Bean and Corn Salsa

8) Cut out sugar. Banning sugar all together forever is pretty much unrealistic for most people, but cutting it out the majority of the time or cutting down is doable. If you have a sweet tooth regularly, try using Stevia. It is a natural sweetener from the stevia leaf and it is becoming more and more mainstream. You can purchase it at any grocery store. It has no calories, no glycemic load, and is sweet like sugar.

9) Frozen is Fabulous. Stock your freezer with frozen vegetable medleys and fruit/berry medleys. There is no chopping, washing, or cleaning required so a meal can be whipped up super fast using a veggie medley. Fruit or berry medleys make an effortless dessert or breakfast smoothie. Did I mention how cheap they are?

10) Set a goal and get motivated. If improving your health is not enough motivation to start making better choices then choose something to work toward. Train for a run that benefits cancer, have a competition with friends or family, or have a person close to you be your motivator or partner in your journey.

If you have a request for tips, tricks or recipe makeovers just e-mail me!

Friday, January 1, 2010

My word

Instead of the list of goals I never achieve, I pick a word for each year. A word to serve as a reminder of what is important and to focus on bettering myself. Last year's word was LISTEN. I did better, not best, but better. In the running for my word of the year was TOUCH. There are so many things that encompass touch, and being that I recently read the 5 love languages and determined that my husband's love language is Touch and mine is not--it's something I have to remind myself to do. (sad I know, but when you're touched all day by little hands, the last thing I think of to do is touch more). But touch could also lend itself toward service and connection. The reason it didn't win is because I think it would have been easy. And that is not the point is it? So . . . this year, my word (technically words):


Inspired by this talk given by Elder Hales. I've posted this talk before.

Here is an excerpt:

"Finally, be there. Each of us was there in the Council in Heaven to choose the great plan of happiness we now enjoy. Young men, when you have made a commitment to yourself, your family, your bishop, your employer, be there. When it is time to be in church, at Mutual, or fulfilling a priesthood assignment, be there. When it is time to graduate from school or training programs, be there. When it is time to serve a mission, be there. When the young woman you love most kneels at the altar of God’s holy temple, be there (and not as a witness). When your family is gathered in the celestial kingdom, be there. When the Savior waits to greet you as you return with honor from your life on this earth and your Heavenly Father wants to encircle you about in the arms of His love, be there."

So Be There it is.

Be There at mutual for my girls.

Be There (present minded) when my kids are on my lap or talking to me.

Be There when my husband gets home from work or school to touch.

Be There for friends who are talking (and incorporate last year's LISTEN)

Be There for me for scripture study, meditation and deep breathing (so I don't go crazy)

Be There at the gym.

Be There at the Temple once a month.

Be There whenever and wherever I am supposed to BE.