Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do you see it?

One year ago,

A few days ago,

Do you see her getting bigger? I didn't intentionally do these shots, I just came across them both and thought it was a great documentation. I think I'll do intentional shots from now on. How great would that be, shots of her growing up on a swing. What would be better because it will show her outgrow it.

That makes me sad.

I'm going to bed

Monday, January 28, 2008


Ever since the I heard the news that President Hinckley died, I've been speechless. I've wanted to cry and have a little, but mostly it has just got me thinking.

I would assume that the majority of you that read my blog are LDS (mormon) but I know there are some who aren't. I don't think I've every owned up to my faith on here, I just never had a reason to, until now.

President Hinckley was the prophet of our church. The same kind of prophet that lived in the old Testament. Someone on earth who communed with God. I have no doubt in my mind that this man was anything less than a man of God. The way he spoke, the things he said, the eloquence of it all. He had a way about him that made you want to follow his teaching, which made you want to "Stand a little taller, be a little better".

I've read one of his book's, Standing for Something, and it was powerful. It's a good read for anyone, but especially for those not of our faith. It wasn't written from the perspective of a prophet to his people, but a man of values to the world. He was always good at reminding us what was important, and I will miss that.

My father who is an atheist even said that there was something about that man. My dad said "You know, if I saw him in person and he asked me to go somewhere with him, I'd go". Which for my dad the skeptic, is saying a lot.

I have to be happy for him though. We discussed today with the kids what had happened, and Red said "I bet he's giving Heavenly Father a hug". This prompted us to think of who would be waiting for him, first of all his wife, which would have been a wonderful reunion. Then his family. Then we realized, prophets of old would have gathered to shake his hand. What a noble gathering it must have been.

President Hinckley spoke in a recent General Conferece and his message was "The Things of Which I Know". It's powerful, read it.

I'll miss President Hinckley, but luckily his words are written so that we can continued to be inspired.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Over Breakfast

Red: M-OM The Juice said I said Waa cakes, I said pan-cakes, I didn't say waa-cakes

The juice: Waa cakes

Red: Mom, I said pancakes not waa cakes, MO-OM

a tad bit later:

The juice: Mom, Red said that I was poor

a tad bit later:

The juice: Mo-om, Red said I was famous and that people wanted to take all of my . . .um . .

(Red in the background shouts): Money

The juice: Yah money, people wanted to take all of my money away

a tad bit later:

Red: Mo-om The Juice is on the table (***that's a no no in our house***)

The juice: Well I was just trying to hit her (**as if that wouldn't get her into trouble***)

Friday, January 25, 2008


Do you ever notice your child and already figure out what they will be like as a teenager?

I've got The Juice pinned down

She's going to be beautiful, but oblivious to it.

She's going to be fun and up for anything, which might get her into trouble.

She's going to follow, she loves to follow, and I just hope she picks a good one to follow

She's going to always find the good in people, which means that she will probably have some questionable friends.

She'll also probably date jerks because she'll see past their jerkiness and value what little good qualities they may have. Or she'll be having too much fun to date, and not want to pin herself down---let's hope it's the latter.

I don't think she'll rebel, because she seeks approval constantly.

I know this for sure SHE WILL BE A PARTY!

For those of you who know The Juice . . . am I right on?  Or do you have any other predictions for her?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Getting it Done

Today is one of those days I'm getting things done. Not laundry or anything, but stuff that I put off. Like redoing our budget, signing up for SRP's year round bill averaging plan and Opting out of getting pre-screened credit card offers. You can go HERE and fill out the form and mail it in to be permanently removed from the list of getting those credit card offers through the mail. That may seem boring to some, but exciting to me because that means less shredding. Or you can call 1-888-5-opt-out. But on the phone you can only optout for 5 years. If you go to that link then you can print a thing out to optout permanently. And I did it. Put it in an envelope with a stamp and everything.

Now on to Chore chart. Off I go.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Has anyone ever tried to go on a bike ride with their kids, just mom and the kids. Not fun, very stressful. Red, The juice and I went on a bike ride. My tire was flat so I decided to ride my skate board. Mind you, I can't skate. I got one I think for our first Christmas and never really got time to do it because I became pregnant not too long after and was too worried about damaging the baby. I digress . . .. so since the juice only has a tri-cycle and she's . .. . well . . the juice---I knew she'd laf a bit behind. Red was all helmeted up and raring to go. Squoosh was napping, and so was Hy so they stayed home. So we went around the neighborhood. I spent so much time keeping them out of the middle of the street and yelling for Red to slow down and for The juice to go faster. It was so stressful. I actually did pretty good on my board. We were in the neighborhood and some high school girls were getting into their car and they said "Are you their mom?" To which of course I replied "Yes" and they said "You don't look old enough" Then I told them I was 32 and well old enough to have these two. Then I took a long look at myself. I had a button up vested jacket thingy from the JUNIOR department at target. I had on low rise slight flare jeans, and my converse and I was on a skate board . . . A SKATE BOARD. Add in my short hair and bangs. Um . . of course I didn't look old enough. Had I stuck with my initial list of new years resolutions I would be failing at specifically #12 #15 and #25. Well, I took along my new handy dandy Canon Powershot SD870 and got some fun shots. This one I tweaked in photoshop to make my shadow look more shadowy. I'm loving the camera. This will however be the last time I take those two on a bike ride by myself. I felt like I needed a massage by the time I got back my muscles were so tense. Oi.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Used to be a dress

The Juice: Mom? Who cut my dress off?

Me: ***Oh crap I've been caught tone*** Ummm I did

The Juice: . .. I LOVE IT!

She had found it in my rags bucket when I wasn't paying attention, so now I have to steal it away and bury it deep. I loved the dress but the neck got all stretched out from too much wear this summer. I swear that kid would be stoked about horse crap.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What Was I Thinking Wednedsay

Holy crap, it's been forever since I've done my standard Wednesday. So her I am. Have I told you all how much I love bangs? I love having bangs, and just to change it up a bit I try to not have bangs, but then I just grow them out for a bit and cut them right back. I think in this picture I was about 22 or so? Maybe 23. The girl with me is Taryn, we worked together at Camp Fire Boys and Girls. It was good times. It's weird seeing myself like that because i have on makeup and my lips look big because I have color on them. Oh, and those eyebrows are real, I noticed they looked drawn on. Nope, just thinner than normal. Darcy did it. Anyhoodles, does it look like me???

Monday, January 14, 2008


I've never uploaded a video before, this is so exciting. So I am a huge fan of Dance Hall Crashers, and I listen to them while I'm trying to get junk done. So I had sat down in front of the computer to go through papers I put them on iTunes. Squoosh got on my lap and sat still for a bit, then the song changed to a hard and fast beat. She grabbed hold of the front edge of the desk with both hands to steady herself, and then started rocking out. I was laughing so hard. So then we realized that with our new OSX Leopard system on our iMAC we can do video through the photo booth. So we recorded her. Her hair makes it even better. I swear that kid can't get any cuter. Oh and I went to the Gym--I really don't wear sport tops everyday.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I'm here to pay tribute to one of Hy's most beloved inanimate objects. The ipod Shuffle "The Shuff" as he affectionately called it. The Shuff had a short but busy life. He spent time with Hy while running, he was there when Hy's brother got bit by a dog, there at the beginning when running was hard. He has also stayed up many a night with Hy keeping him company filling his ears with sweet music, reading to him from Harry Potter. The Shuff did his best to drown out the sound of squealing little girls when Hy was trying to sleep during the day after a hard nights work. The Shuff went down just as he would have wanted, clipped to Hy's running shorts. The washing machine was the end for The Shuff. I have heard rumors that he held on through the bitter end. Efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. The Shuff is gone, The Shuff is gone.

Hy is in mourning, so if you see him with his sad face, wearing black, and earphonless . . . Give him a big hug.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


As a follow up to the Blogger's Court post the jury has come to a decision


Defendant will be sentenced to a life of mundane laundry detail.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Who let the dog's . . . drive?

I took this picture forever ago and have never gotten around to posting it. Hy and I went to eat at Boston Market and when we came out, this is what we saw. Check out the demeanor of these dogs. Totally husband and wife body language. It was hilarious.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


After careful consideration of all of my aforementioned resolutions. I've decided to forego the usual self improvement resolutions and make one super fabulous one.


To host a FORMAL dinner party. Real dishes will be used and mocktails will be served. Everyone must come in formal attire (not prom dress formal). I'm also thinking maybe a 1950's theme. So start shopping for your outfits. I need months to plan and to save up, so I'm thinking either summer or Fall. It will be a traditional dinner party where no one brings any of the food, I provide it all. But it is proper etiquette to bring the hostess a gift.

Let's pretend we're high rollers.

Now that's a worthwhile resolution.