Friday, September 28, 2012

Dear France, THANK YOU





You could read my statement and think that I want to stick it to the rich, because they have the money and should be  handing it over for the good of the country.


I want to say a BIG FAT THANK YOU to France.  Because this is going to be the case study of the century.  Economists at Universities all across the country er, the world, are biting their nails in anticipation of what happens next. 

Because you slap a 75 percent tax on the wealthy and business and what happens?  The wealthy and the business leave. In droves.  Because guess what, if I am rich enough to be slapped with that tax, I am also rich enough to take my money and my business across the border to say,  economically stable Germany perhaps?  Or even relocate to South America--where business is growing like crazy.

I bet other European countries are just giddy with excitement.   Much like colleges court the most talented of High School football players--sending in their recruiter with promises of this or that just to get them to cross the border to their university--so will be the countries trying to win over France's disgruntled rich.

Mark my words--the rich will flee.

And hopefully, just hopefully, America will get it.

If they pull their head out of their asses long enough to read the paper.

Monday, September 10, 2012

F.M. Radio

I yell at the radio. EVERY MORNING. I talk outloud in my car and the kids says--"Who are you talking to?"

I'm talking to the radio. The hosts of NPR's morning edition have had some words from me. Well, more it's the people the are talking to, and most importantly--what they are talking about.

This morning's edition: Politics.

 I am starting to call it Anger 2012. At least that is what it is for me.

Today's piece was on businesses leaders on opposite ends of the spectrum, one that ran and op. ed article in the Washington Post and another who took out a full page ad in the Times.

 The ad read--if "Obama is elected I am going to shut down my business and lay off my 12 employees". They interviewed him and he told a story of how he built the business he has and has worked his butt off for, and with Obama's idea of taxing the rich--they will be taking 50% of what he makes. That pushes him over the edge.

 The other man's piece supported Obama's taxing of the rich. Stating that Jesus took care of the poor and that is our duty. He had received Government grants to put him through school, therefore the Government is good

. . . and that is when I yelled at the radio.

Being a good Jesus follower myself, I agree--Jesus wants us to take care of each other. But since when does that mean through the Government? Jesus also wants us to freely give of our time, talent and yes--MONEY. But forcing the rich to pay the government more than everyone else in the name of "helping our fellow men"--not what Jesus had in mind. Did he read the Bible? Jesus is not too keen on corrupt Governments. Who do you think killed the man? And no one is going to get into heaven stating that they paid their taxes. Come on, for real??

And yes, I think our Government is corrupt.

 Does the first man hate the poor and want to squish them under his feet? No. Actually I don't know his opinion, they didn't ask him. But I tell you this--what I know of the wealthy are not those kind of people, although the media and Obama's political team would love for you to think that.

Remember my degree from college--Non-Profit Health and Human Service Administration. Those stiff and formal words mean--I know about taking care of the poor--and the sick--and the unfortunate. And all of those places exist because of . . . THE WEALTHY. *GASP!* Those horrible people that make so much money and keep the little guy down. They provide funds to establish an entity that allows collaboration among horrible rich men and the normal middle class and the poor man. Together they to help those who need it most. And their financial books? Public record. And if you don't like what they are doing--you go down to the board meeting and say so. Or you take your time, talents and MONEY elsewhere. It provides a choice. And throws red tape beaurocracy out the window.

People need to see that those left wing hippy socialists and the right wing capitalist pigs and anyone in between actually agree on that the poor need help.

 They just differ on who should provide it.

 And me? Where do I fall? The government has it's role and place--limited but also essential. Let the rich, poor and anyone in the middle be taxed equally so no one can cry foul to the other. (flat tax people--and get rid of the Tax season)

Increasing tax on the rich will cause two things.
1. The rich will leave the country (as evidenced in France)
2. They will give less to non profits--who are far more efficient and effective than the government at taking care of those in need.

Both will hurt our country, create more need by loss of jobs, and excacerbate the current state of those in need.

Why does the Government think that because someone makes a certain amount of money--then they are entitled to part of it? Does that scare anyone else other than me? The Government could someday choose something I own or earn and say they are entitled to it "for the greater good". And if you think the government won't--you have been duped by the powers that be.

Wow. I feel better now. And I didn't even make it too long. That is just one thing that got me talking to the radio.

 Don't even get me started on the national debt. 6 trillion in four years, when all of the previous presidents combined spent 10 trillion. Does this not scare the pants off of anyone else than me? How is that possible? Who can spend that much--and on what??

 Oh no, I said don't get me started.