Thursday, November 29, 2007

Late nights

Sometimes people wonder what I do on my computer that keeps me up late. I've talked about iChat before, here is an example of our text chats.

I'm chatting with Molly It's fun because we have little bubbles coming out of our mouths like we're cartoons. I'm the pink bubble

This is how I knew she was on. Her name was highlighted. You'll see underneath her there are two of my friends who weren't on their computer, or at least logged on to iChat. Ashley is usually on, but her and I usually video chat. I'll take a picture of that next time it happens.

Then I stay up so late, I need a snack. Calli and Michael brought us by some cookies. Procrastinating Home Teachers rock. Mostly procrastinating home teachers that have wives who bake---rock. Thanks guys!


I don't think I've ever responded to a tag before, but since I had nothing to blog about, I had been wanting to list some random things. So here goes:

1. I have to eat in equal portions. Say, for example, I have turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce. I have to eat a bit of each with every bite. I can't have two bites of turkey, or stuffing, and then move on. No, it must be one of each. Then if I get to the end of the meal and I have only one bite of everything and 3 bites of mashed potatoes, I get up and get enough of each of the other foods to make it even.

2. I feel embarrassed for people who get plastic bags melted to their muffler or car undercarriage. I remember the first time it happened to me. I came home horrified and informed Hy that today I became "one of those people". Seriously, I feel the most bad for people who are driving cars like BMW's or Jaguars. It's like all of a sudden I'm embarrassed for them. It's like having toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

3. One time my daughter, the Juice, told me that she couldn't fly. I told her it was because she wasn't trying hard enough. Then I sat and laughed while she flapped away and made grunting noises trying to get airborne. This went on for a while.

4. I'd rather poke forks in my eyes than go bra shopping

5. I don't see size. Sometimes people will say--she's a big girl. And I say "really?" I didn't notice. I think it's because I'm so small. So growing up, everyone was bigger than me. By bigger I mean taller or heavier. So unless a person is obviously obese, I really don't notice. I just think--that's their size. Everyone is just built different.

6. Country music depresses me. Or makes me sick to my stomach.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What was I thinking Wednesday

I was a blonde for a while. Not a good choice being that I have super dark eyebrows. But it was fun.

Oh and that is Darcy next to me in the overalls. Be sure to make fun of her next time you see her.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Congrats to the Squoosh

I am a proud mama. The squoosh finally figured out how to crawl out of her crib. When Red was 9 or 10 months, she showed up downstairs when she should have been taking a nap. So we took her upstairs and put her in her crib and watched from behind a wall. Sure enough she monkeyed over the edge, dropped down and crawled down the stairs. She couldn't even walk yet.

The Juice climbed out at about a year or so.

The squoosh just couldn't do it. We thought it was because she has more junk her trunk than the others. The others have no junk. For the last few months she would balance on the corner with her arms on the long side of the crib, and her ankles on the edge of the short side. She would just hover there, but didn't quite make the next step. Then tonight she was supposed to be in her crib and she kept showing up in the office where I was working. I though Hy got her out. Nope. SHE DID IT!! She finally did it.

So proud.

but then again . .

Crap---naps are a new battle.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What was I thinking Wednesday

Okay, this is my freshman year in college so it's either Fall '93, Spring '94. I bought this hat at a yard sale or thrift store. It's actually kind of a cool hat. But then again, not really. I was almost too embarassed to post this. But what fun would Wednesdays be if I didn't humiliate myself. Enjoy.

Photobooth Tuesday

Today I have a guest photoboother.

Who is it?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

kids are funny

Kids have been super fun lately.

We had a barbecue here the other night and Squoosh's pants kept falling down. So everyone would pull them up for her and send her on her way. But we'd turn around and they would be around her ankles. Until someone caught her--pulling them down.

Apparently this is the way she prefers it.

We had "girl's night" when Hy was at work the other night. It was Red's idea. They loved the masks. Don't let Squoosh fool you--she was enjoying it. She would just look at Red and laugh.

Funnies around the house this week:

The Juice: "I know how to speak English"

Red: "Prove it"

The other day I was listening to a c.d. that my friend made me. Red jumped up on the counter and started putting in c.d.s and then taking them out. Finally I said--what are you looking for?

Her reply in a "isn't it obvious" kind of tone: Rock n' Roll

mid night snack

If you haven't had Trader Joe's Greek Style yogurt, you're missing out. Super yummy.

Yes it's 1:35 am, and now I'm going to bed.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Check it out

I linked to Jon's blog from Kristy's blog and found this. I too love Daft Punk, I was glued, now I want to recreate it.

Anyone want to put on a sport bra and come over? I have markers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What was I thinking Wednesday

Circa 1989

A couple of my pictures duked it out for todays post, but this one won. It beat out my eighth grade graduation picture. Oh, don't worry, you'll see it someday.

Wow--eighth grade. Ok--perm, dark makeup, layered buttoned up shirts? cold sore (I have one in almost every picture of my childhood) PERM, MMMMM bangs, and you can't see but my sides are flared out. You know, when you take a brush and hold your sides out and hair spray and then blow it dry. I really hope that comes back in, because it was great.

Oh and this is a picture of my best friend with her hair caught in the zipper at Girls Camp. I think she did it two years in a row--I'm still laughing about it.
That's what she gets for never reading my blog. Her name was Lisa Rogers--now it's Lisa Mattison. I have many more funny pictures of her. HMMM maybe it can be Lisa funny photo Fridays.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Creepy Photobooth Tuesday

Ok--How frickin' creepy is this???? That middle thing is the juice. The girls got in and had some fun. I love it, it is like a surprise for me. Check me out--I even waited until it was officially Tuesday to Post.

Um---Ash--missed you tonight. I'll be back tomorrow, and would love some company.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Bunco frickin rocks

Everybody has their opinions about bunco groups. But let me tell you--mine frickin rocks. We stopped playing bunco about a year ago, because it just got a little stale after having been together for like 3 or 4 years or something. Someone correct me--my memory stinks. So anyhow, now we just get together and do whatever the hosts wants to do, but we all still go home with gifts.

So of course, Super fun and cool Cicily, got us going on a Photo Scavenger Hunt. Holy cow, haven't done one since mutual. Her list was great, I was going to have her e-mail it to me, but I haven't yet so I'll just post the ones I know. We split up into 3 groups and had 1 hour to get back with our list. It was hi-lar-i-ous. Try to explain to random strangers why a group of thirty-something (and some younger) moms are trying to squish into a Target shopping cart. Here is our groups interpretation of the list. The only other blogger in this group is Ashley.

#7 Recreate a piece of Modern Art.
(It's actually the Target symbol because we were originally going to use it for another list item)

#9 I don't believe we all fit in that!

#12 Group with a person in uniform

#4 A team member making a phone call in a phone booth.

#15 Entire team sharing a soda.

#19 A catalog pose

#13 Perspective. Must involve team members

#17 Spell something with your bodies

Thursday, November 8, 2007


As I was driving today I saw a girl in scrubs walking down the street. Which caused me to think. When I see people in scrubs I usually imagine them doing something important. Perhaps open hearts surgery, or changing I.V.'s or stitching a wound.

Then I noticed she was walking to a dentist's office. She's probably a dental assistant. No offense to any dental assistants (my sister is one) but really---scrubs? You suck spit out of my mouth and hand the dentist tools.

So I've decided there needs to be a hierarchy of colors established so that I can determine whether or not the lady in front of me in line at Fry's is a surgeon or a receptionist at at a pet hospital.

For example, at Hy's hosptial all of the doctors wear blue. Then everyone else wears tan. So then you know blue=life saver. Tan=helper. Although I think the nurses should get their own color, a slightly less nobler color than doctors---but a harder working type color. Doctor's get all the glory when we all know that nurses do most of the work. Then people who have Hy's job should get another color. he's a patient care tech. Those are the people in the hospital that always come in your room or are always around and are not nurses or doctors. Then the colors just keep filtering down

Dental people should have a whole color scheme or pattern assigned. Like the green. Dentist could wear dark green, hygenists could wear avocado green, dental assistants could wear light green and the office people could wear lime.

If i saw that girl walking down the street under my plan. My mind would go GREEN=DENTAL OFFICE.

Then pediatric places should have to wear care bear print tops, or something like that

Pet Health care people should have to wear those super tacky ones that have cats. Pet people like cats

Who's with me on this one?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What was I thinking Wednesday

Circa 1994

Auh---come on. Nobody wants to admit it, but we all did it. Legit. Birks and socks.

I'm not sure which is more embarassing. My birks, or my best friend being covered head to toe in denim

Kelly Clarkson singing GNR-----that rocks

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Photobooth Tuesday

Does anyone know who this is??????

I took this last week. I brushed my teeth at 8:30 so I wouldn't eat anything afterwards. Trying to curb my sweets intake. Around 10pm or so I got hungry, but vowed not to get a snack. Then i stayed up until 2:30 a.m. checking out photography websites. I finally fell. This is what my 2a.m. snack was.

OH and YES . ... that is Kelly Clarkson singing GNR. What the crap?

Anyone going to IKEA?

Is anyone going to IKEA either Tuesday or Wednesday??? I need a favor. I am doing a research study and I need to take pictures of IKEA--the things I like about it. I will make it out there if I have to, but I thought one of you guys may be going. If so, will you take some digital pics for me? Let me know.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Check these out. Red wanted to be pippi again. Nothing sound better to a mom at Halloween than--Mom can I be what I was last year? DONE. Then the juice wanted to be Belle. However, her Belle dress up was in shreds, so my mother bought her a new one at Target. Then she borrowed a wig from her older cousin. The wig was hi-lar-i-ous. Then I put mascara on her ridiculously long eyelashes. She looked like a creepy pageant kid. Then check out Red at the end. That is one tuckered kid.

What's up with me

Just thought for some reason i'd let you all know what's up in our house.

1. Baby Kizz is no longer sad dog. She was for about 2 days because she got 6 shots. Yes 6. Saddest thing ever. She's ok now--happy and sweet.

2. My house is a wreck, and I don't care enough to clean it. Although tomorrow I might.

3. I got some editing done on photos I did in um . . . . September I think. yeah---I'm a bit behind.

4. I should be editing more right now but as you can see--i'm blogging.

5. After I'm done with this blog, I'm going to find a new song for it--and procrastinate editing again.

6. I plan on staying up late to edit photos. Ashley or Molly if you're up---let's ichat.

7. I just made cute post-it-notes across my desktop. A different color for each day of the week and they are all to do lists in cute red writing.

8. I bought a new cd label program and plan on installing it. I may update you later about how it went-----or maybe I won't. It depends on if I'm still avoiding editing.

9. OOOHHH--my Eliza mag came. Love it--can't stop reading it.

10. We got our super cute shirts for the JDRF Walk. If you don't know what that is--then scroll down and find my post about Noelle

11. I'm thinking about transfering all of my blogs over to Firefox--if anyone knows how to sync bookmarks between Safari and Firefox--let me know

12. OK, enough procrastination--I think I'll go edit now. Check my photo blog later, I may have a photo shoot up that I did of the girls. I wanted to try out their pink wall

13. Now I'm off to find some more uncool music for this post.

14. NO really, I'm going now.

15. NO, NOW