Monday, December 29, 2008

A little o' my Christmas

Santa came by my parents house on Christmas Eve---oh what . . . he didn't go to your house? that's weird. Maybe he likes my kids more than your kids.

Santa left this out for the girls for Christmas morning. It looks a little creepy, but those were disney princess outfits, complete with wigs. And those sacks are their stockings

Christmas before openings. My parents get a bit carried away.

The mess

A little fun in the snow and a four wheeler.

My brother gave this to my sister's family for Christmas. I think all families should have one for Christmas time

The girls (mostly Annabelle) made a snowman. I came out to see it and threw snowballs at Annabelle, which she thought was funny and threw at me. Then I threw them at Josie, and she got sad and said "What did you do that for?" She wasn't really into it.

Funniest quote of the vacation:

"Dad look--there's an orc leg"

. . . for those who don't know--we watch Lord of the Rings a little too much--and yes our kids watch it too. I know I know--bad idea. And it's actually an elk leg. What--you don't have those in your yard? Weird. Maybe you should move to Heber

Monday, December 22, 2008

Am I crazy?

Do you moms let your kid go in the front yard unsupervised? I don't. It freaks me out. If I lived in a small town I would, but not in the city. We have a high latch on our front door to prevent escapes so I think I'm freaking my kids out or something. Mostly because tonight Annabelle said this:

Mom--did you know that when Jesus comes again--I can go in the front yard.

Apparently--she will not be allowed freedom until Jesus comes again.

Oh crap--I am crazy

Merry Christmas


Friday, December 19, 2008


Hy took the other girls Christmas shopping so I had to distract Kizzy so that she wouldn't throw a fit. So we started looking through out iPhoto and this is what I found

I don't think I've posted any of these.

My super rad babysitter doing super rad babysitter stuff


Trying to keep things modest

Who is that? Me with curly hair? Weird

The girls can do any chore --not matter how big or small

Kizzy was riding a horse around the house

They love to make beds out of random stuff

See I told you

Our Halloween Costumes

couldn't leave out a random movie . . now could I?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

When AZ gives you lemons

I'm sorry for all of the people who do not live in Arizona right now. Because

It's Citrus Season

I'm also sorry for the people who live in the newer parts of the Phoenix Metro Area that don't have citrus trees. That makes me sad

Because yesterday I stopped by my in-laws and grabbed a few juicy oranges just for snack. And then today i went and got a boatload of lemons from my friend's neighbor's tree that is just bursting and about to fall over.

So I made lemonade. Sweet and Sour lemonade

And it was good

I think this is probably how Washington people feel about apples, or Utah people feel about cherries or California people feel about Strawberries.

But winter is our turn.

Citrus--juicy juicy FREE citrus.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aweseome-Super Awesome


Getting my visiting teaching done.

Super Awesome

Getting my visiting teaching done while legitimately on Vicadin.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dear Men's Pajamas Manufacturers,

Where do you think men are going and what do you think they are doing in their pajamas that would necessitate pockets?

xoxo Jill

Dear my blog readers,

If you find men's pajamas without pockets (and they can't be animated character kind) Please notify me of where and price.


xoxo jill

Friday, December 12, 2008

Handsome boy

Just thought I'd share some pictures of our handsome little fella. With the cool cool hair.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Economic Crisis=Fun

Oh, we're prepared. Our children know that when things get tough. We adapt.

Annabelle came up with this on her own. The sound on the video isn't so great, but you can see that we will not want for clothing or toys---our family iscrafty.

And she not only made one for her. She also made some for her sisters. No one wants to be left out.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dresses for Sale

I am selling these 3 dresses. They are violet if the pictures don't show well. They were purchased at Crismons Boutique two years ago and have been worn once, maybe twice. The sizes are: 12m, 24m and 4T. We put them on our girls who were all 2 years apart, so my youngest daughter was 6 months when we put her in the 12 month and since she just laid there it looked fine.

$35 for all three dresses. Total steal because I think each dress cost that much or more. I will only sell them as an entire set, because I don't want to bother piecing them out.

e-mail me at :

if you are interested.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I"m not perfect and neither is my mom

This is me with my parents. I've been looking for a picture of my mom and I only have two. One of her at my high school graduation and one at my college. So I picked this one. She has a chipped tooth so she doesn't like to smile, but no one can really notice the chipped tooth because it's minute(my-noot). Anyway, that's not the point of my post.

My mom has what is known commonly around our house as a "shit list". You don't want to get on it. And once you're on it, you're usually a lifer. On rare occasion you can get off, only to be put back on for something later. My dad has been on it since they've been married. My brothers really got on it when they started smoking in high school. Not good. The first time I got on it was when I was in high school and we were in Sacrament meeting and during one of the hymns I leaned over and told her she was singing too loud (come on that's horrifying for a teenager). She started crying and I made the list. She still brings that up. A few years ago my dad took my mom on a vacation and us kids invaded the house, threw away some things, organized a pantry for her and made a craft room. Sounds good? NOT GOOD. All 4 of us, bumped up to the top of her list. She likes her stuff how she likes it, and no one should mess. She still calls me every once in a while to ask where that "recipe" is that she hasn't been able to find since we cleaned out that room. I'm no dummy, before we went in there were two rules:

1. Do not throw away ANY recipes
2. Do not throw away any fabric

I know exactly where that recipe is. It's in the book I made that weekend called "Recipes" or it's in the other book I made that weekend "Recipes II"

Anyhow, so I talked to my mom this morning and we are all going out for her birthday dinner this Saturday. We used to do this when I was younger, we'd all get dressed up semi-nice and go to Black Angus. Then once people started getting married my dad closed his wallet--hence no more dinners out. So I convinced my dad to open it up again and take us all out. It's been over 15 years and he can just close his eyes and pay for it. So when I was talking to my mom today about it she said "You know that the ASU vs. UofA game is that night don't you?" I said--no. What she was alluding to is that my brothers (die hard ASU fans) might forfeit the family dinner to watch the game. She said "It doesn't bother me if they show up". I'm no dummy. What she meant was--if your brothers don't show up. They are on my shit list. So I feel it is my duty to warn them.

The other day my friend told me that she thinks that I am one of the nicest people she knows. And I said, you must not know very many people. The reasons she thinks that is because she's never made my shit list. Yes, it was inherited. I have one. Many people who are on it might not know they are on it, because I have cut them out of my life. Bad energy. But some do know, and I don't think they like it. Because, you see, I have this problem or gift I should say. I can't bluff. If I don't like you or you have made my shit list--I don't fake it. I don't smile and play nice. I don't even look you in the eye. My body language is apparent. It takes a good deal of stupidity to get on it, but some people can do it. A simple lack of integrity can do it. And if you are a person who cheats on your family---you're a lifer. I don't do kindly to those folks. I'm just saying.

So for Christmas I've decided to attempt to clear my list. I don't know if it's possible, because it is ingrained in me. It's such an integral part of my being. But I will try.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

As I was awake

. . . last night at 12:40 with a stomach threatening to barf because of too many fried foods, I had time to think about what I was truly thankful for. Itemized:

  • Lenor for being super woman and watching my kids, bringing her saw and man skills over to demolish my closet, and her willingless to listen to me whine cry and feel sorry for myself
  • Rainy Days
  • Flip Flops year round
  • Trader Joes bitter hot chocolate
  • Beck for being my new little boyfriend
  • Annabelle for being sweet, helpful and obedient
  • Josie for being rebellious and hilarious and for putting her eye patch on 3 hours everyday
  • Kizzy for being sassy, beautiful and spoiled
  • My iMac
  • My dad for loaning me, at zero interest, the money to purchase my Canon 5D
  • My Canon 5D
  • Jami for selling me my first DSLR
  • Real Whip Cream
  • Charleston's Prime Rib Sandwich
  • Backyard
  • Molly for being my talented friend who goes along with all of my crazy artsy ideas that I have no talent for. And for making my Christmas card
  • iChat
  • Cicily for talking to me everyday on Gmail Chat and always saying funny things
  • Adult Kizzy for letting me use her yard for photos
  • My house
  • My fridge
  • The chocolate chip cookie recipe I found this year that actually turns out
  • Color
  • Job security for Hyrum--Economy may suck, but that doesn't stop people from getting sick
  • Prints of my photography I finally did through a pro company and put on my wall. De-lish
  • Sheri for introducing me to Alphabeat
  • My 24-70 lens for making my photography much better and much more fun (and distorted)
  • & (ampersand)
  • Cami for coming up with crafty things that I will never do, but will always admire
  • How About Orange and Decor8 for giving me a reason to put off editing. And for giving me the ideas that the aforementioned Molly has to help me with.
  • Ned's Samich
  • Marlo for being spontaneous and moving to Hawaii so I can live through her.
  • My bunko girls (we actually don't play bunko anymore) for giving me one night a month to step away from being wife and mother and being able to be talky talky girls 'til 2am
  • Kimri for babysitting for me so I can go to Broadway shows
  • Lindsay for letting me borrow her Benjamin Moore Color wheel a year ago and either not remembering or not caring that I still have it.
  • Hyrum for always chasing his dreams and taking me along for the ride.
  • Darcy for cutting my hair since 1996 and always watching my kids and for going with me to pick out makeup and for giving me homeade wheat bread. You are a homemaking rockstar
  • Ben Folds for making cry and dance (not at the same time)
  • Mom and Dad for parenting me well and for giving me confidence that is disproportionate with my looks and abilities (I copied that from Tina Fey)
  • 30 Rock for being the only show that makes me laugh out loud
  • Nielsen's frozen custard
  • In N' Out Burger
  • Lisa and Tiff for being those friends that I don't see often but when we get together it's like we never lost a minute. And for memories that make me laugh at random moments
  • Ashley for always boosting my photography ego
  • All the photographers I blogstock for inspiration
  • Wendy Schulz for making me a better photographer
  • Trader Joes Greek style yogurt
  • Blogging for giving me this outlet to give thanks

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Awesome--Not Awesome


Josie can hold her breath for a long time under water--even in the bathtub


Josie is good at going limp and playing dead when I find her floating face down in the tub and lift her out in a panic.


She does respond with a laugh when slapped in the face (in an effort to check for life).

Sunday, November 23, 2008

out of their mouths

Annabelle: Mom I thought these jeans might be for boys because there is a lot of room down there for a weenie

Josie: (to Annabelle) Knock off
Annabelle: It's knock it off
Josie: Mom is knock it off a bad word?
Me: No, it's just a mommy word

Kizzy quoted Alvin and the chipmunks today. Quoting movies is par for Josie, but I've never heard Kizzy do it--she's only 2.

Kizzy: Is this a house? No it's a garbage can.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear Shoppers

I am looking for a few things for Christmas.

1. Tea Cups (with saucers if possible) that have letters on them. I want each girl to have their own with the first letter of their name so they will stop fighting over the ones I have now.

2. My tea kettle took a turn for the worst. I want a new one. One I can actually use. I would like it to have red or pink on it.

3. There is something else I need, but I can't think of it.

Link me. You all did so well last time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's in your make-up bag?

I've been wanting to do this post for a while and have never gotten around to it. So the question is:


I think this is funny. This is mine:


1 lash curler
1 Great Lash Mascara
1 Cover Girl face Powder --205 Ivory
1 Clinique eyeliner I purchased---I believe---somewhere around 2002
1 Body Shop Lip Liner shade: Mohagany. I don't think they even do make-up anymore


Everyone knows I'm not a big fan of makeup. I'm all about being natural. Well, not my hair, but my face. I don't wear makeup and as a reward--I have really good skin. But as I am getting older, I realize I need to look a little better. And after every pregnancy I go through this. I want to look good---well actually---foxy. So with the help of my friend Darcy (also my hair stylist) and Sephora my make-up bag now looks like this:

Now only if I could replicate it . . .


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Calling all Ye Mormons

If you walked into my house you would have no idea I was religious. And being Mormon is something most people put on their wall. Mostly with sayings like these:

So I'm going to do it--I'm going to find a quote or scripture and put it up. My style--with some help from a super talented friend (no pressure Molly). Because I don't do maroon crackle--it's jut not ME. So question is: What should I put? Ideas please Ideas. What are your favorite quotable lines from talks or favorite-shorter scriptures or mormon sayings or lines from hymns Whatever. Give it to me

P.s. If you're not Mormon, give me your favorite inspirational quote for life or Bible quote. Yes we do read and BELIEVE the Bible.

P.s.s. if you are Mormon, that last p.s. applies to you as well.

You can give me as many as you want. I want churchy quotes or inspirational words like "Just Be" (Tara Whitney's)

P.s.s.s. You don't have to know me to participate. I love a good lurker.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hook me up

I've been searching all over for a blessing outfit for Beck. Alas, nothing has turned up unless I want him to wear something shiny or with a tacky vest or weird pleats. All of which is a big fat NO. I am considering this as a part of his outfit:

It's called a Christening Cape. No kiddin?

So please someone help--He's supposed to be blessed in December. Something simple and not creepy looking.

P.S. Did they have the internet in the early 80's???? Because if so--I went back in time today. Check THIS and don't forget to checkout their Second Page.

For real?

Friday, November 7, 2008


Ok, I just bought a new pair of jeans for our Family Photo. I need to get them altered because I'm short and I got them from Forever 21---yep totally squeezed into some. But of course now they are 2 feet too long.

So does anyone get their clothes altered in the Mesa area? Someone you trust--who can keep my original cuff? Please reply--and fast.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not an honest Superhero

Tonight Fieldwork Phoenix called to see if I qualified to do a study. So the lady asked me all kinds of questions pertaining to cold medicine and I gave her every answer I thought would get me into the study that pays $125. Then randomly at the end she asked:

"If you were a superhero and could have any superpower, what would it be?"

So I blocked my initial answer--which I've put much thought into and responded:

"My superpower would be to be able to sense when my kids were in danger"

Which is true--I'd like that superpower, but it's not THE superpower I have decided upon with much consideration.

My real one is an inappropriate superpower.

If I could have any superpower it would be to have the ability to cause a person to have sudden and uncontrollable explosive diarrhea.

Why would that be useful? Well consider these situations:

The lady at the restaurant who is talking much too loud on her cell phone and disturbing your night out. Bam--taken care of

The jerk on the freeway who is zooming in and out of traffic with no regard to anyone's safety. Bam--he's got to pull over--and quick

That person in line at the store who is being a jerk to the cashier--Bam, no time to be a jerk--gotta go.

And don't get me started on ACTUAL criminals. How can a person do a drive by with crap in his pants??? He'd be kicked out of that car for sure. A car full of crapped pants = no drive by.

So many opportunities present itself. I find myself on many occasions saying . . .

if only . . .

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Dear locals of Mesa, Arizona--where is the cheapest place to buy Converse?

Dear non-locals--where is the cheapest place to buy Converse online?

I'm considering doing a design your own

OR I might buy these

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fussy Pants

So this is my night. Kids were driving me crazy, wouldn't settle down for bedtime. Beck is fussy--and I don't know why, and Kizzy is being blatantly disobedient only when I'm holding or nursing Beck because she knows I won't do anything about it.

So when I finished feeding him, I laid him down--and Kizzy ran. Then I threatened the kids with no Halloween and it went something like:

"You girls are going to be so sad when all of your friends are out trick or treating, getting candy and you guys are at home because you wouldn't go to bed"

They ran--seriously--ran and leaped into their beds and haven't made a peep since.

Man I wish I had a good threat like that for every night.

So this is my reward--nothing like Blue Bunny Chocolate Bunny Tracks while balancing a newborn and attempting to blog.

p.s. I'll probably be neglecting this blog until after Christmas because I'm loaded with Photo editing to do. I'll be around every once in a while to come up for air

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So many fabrics

Ok, I know there are a crapload of seamstresses out there. I'm currently trying to find fabric that involves the colors red, pink or green. Here are a few of what I have found:

I'm trying to make curtain sort of things that cover the pantry in my kitchen. So my questions are:

1. What online fabric stores do you recommend? Or local (Mesa, AZ) if you have any

2. Have you seen any fabrics in this color combo that you like? Send me the link.

I have GOT to make a decision. And unfortunately some of the fabrics I want, happen to be the fabrics everyone else wants, so they are out of stock. So my luck.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

72 Degrees

What do you do when you live in Arizona and you wake up in the morning and your thermostat in the house registers 72 degrees? Well you do this of course:

You get on a hoodie and beanie and ask for Hot Chocolate. At one point she also had on a scarf.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkins I can do

In Arizona it's usually pointless to carve a pumpkin because it's so hot, it gets all moldy and rotten in about 2 days. But check these out---these I can do. I'm not even that crafty, and I think I can do these. They spray painted them and then scratched off the paint. Or they used painters tape and then spray painted them. I think I'm going to try it. Everyone save their 50% off coupons for Michaels and give them to me. We can make a day of it.

This is where I found them:

Pumpkin Stuff

I found that link by going to this LINK.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

That's Right . . . I said it

Celebrities are annoying. I just watched this video--and I'm so annoyed. Why do people have celebrities do things like this? Really???? why would anyone think---I wasn't going to vote, but now I will because I watched a video online where Leonardo DiCaprio and some other random celebrities talked to me about it.


And you can tell which way they all lean by what they say the issues are.


Really? Really? Why would I listen to someone who plays pretend for a living? I'm sure they are so understanding of the economic crisis caused by idiots who lent money to people who couldn't afford things they shouldn't have bought.

So if you want to be annoyed watch it----or don't

Sub-question: Who is the target market? We have Rainman, dude from Titanic, Monica from Friends and Kevin Bacon from Footloose. Really? Are they talking to my generation--because I'm pretty sure that a) we are registered to vote b) anyone younger than us really doesn't know who these people are.

So what do you all have to say??? Open invitation---bring it on.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dear Teachers

Um, no secret that I'm a MAC lover.

How freakin' cool is this?

You can take field trips to the MAC store. My girls would love one.

P.S. I was reading in Reader's Digest--and the article was "10 things your computer guy wish you knew". One of the 10 things was---Buy a MAC, so then you will see less of me.

I'm just sayin . .