Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What was HE thinking Wednesday

Do you know what you do when your husband takes a nap in front of you? You post a picture of him on the internet while he is sleeping.

If you don't know Hy--then let me tell you a little. He likes to do random things. He shaves a mohawk once or twice a year just so he doesn't get any major callings at church. Then for this picture he decided to grow a nasty mustache. It got to the point that I wouldn't kiss him. Nuh-uh--that's not attractive. But I did take a picture of him for posterity.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Photobooth Tuesday

Check it out--I'm posting two days in a row just like I used to. Our internet is working so here I am. I'm trying to go back to my traditional--Photobooth Tuesday. Here are some fun ones the girls took today.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The juice tree

I was looking through some photos and found this. It was taken last last Christmas. The girl's got stickers in their stocking. Red told the Juice to hold still and be a tree. Then Red decorated her. Her face is priceless. That kid is always a party.

I haven't been posting lately because our internet only works sometimes. And when it does, the bedroom door has to be open. ?????? We have no idea. Someday we'll fix it and then maybe I'll be more interesting.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What was I thinking Wednesdays

OK, Ok, this is not OBVIOUSLY me. I just thought I'd catch everybody on a day that I know most people are checking my blog.

This my niece NOELLE. She has Diabetes. This is what she wrote:

When I got diabetes.

I was in first grade (I was about 6 years old at the time) when one day I came home and ate two whole burritos. After that I drank about half a gallon of water. I was going to the bathroom a lot too. My mom was very worried about me because I had never done this before.

Since my mom was so worried about me she looked on the computer and found the symptoms I had. She found out that those symptoms were the symptoms of diabetes so we called our family doctor and she said to come down right away.

My family and I went down to the doctor’s office and she took my blood to check my blood sugars. They were not what they were supposed to be. I had diabetes. So she said to go down to a special pediatric endocrinologist to help me (and my parents) with my dumb diabetes.

We got to the office and one of the nurses said that if I hadn’t gone to their office that day I would have passed out. They told my parents what diabetes was and how to help it.

We went back to the office for three days and they put a tracker in me to watch what my diabetes blood sugars. After a week we took it out and my mom looked at the needle and cried. It was bloody from going into my body so deep.

After about nine months of doing insulin shots I got a diabetes pump. A pump specialist came to my house teach my mom and dad how to put a diabetes set on me.

Now, five years later, I can do my own diabetes set including the insulin and the set (the little round white circle with the tube sticking out).

I do not like having diabetes one bit but I’m still learning how to manage my diabetes at school and at friends’ house.

That is when I got diabetes on September 9th 2002

Isn't that the saddest little story? This is the sweetest girl E-V-E-R. Noelle was recently in the hospital with uncontrollable blood sugars. She and her parents did everything possible to get her blood sugars lowered but nothing worked. The last option was to go to the emergency room. One additional visit to the ER and 3 days in pediatric intensive care later and she was able to go home. The good news is that on her next visit with her doctor, her hemoglobin A1c test was the best it has been in 5 years of diabetes.

That sucks for her. She's just a kid and she has the HUGEST responsibility to monitor her blood sugars.

Why I'm posting this--to ask you to give money to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to help find a cure.

Every year we do the JDRF walk to support Noelle. This year it's on November 3rd at 9:00am. We do a big walk around Tempe. Each year I try to raise some money. You can come along if you like.

JDRF has made it so easy. Just click HERE and you can do it all online. I did it and you can see my donation on the list. I've learned that in order to ask for donations you got to give first-and I did.

So if you could skip your McDonald's for the week. Or give up your trips to QT for your Diet Cokes and instead donate whatever you can to JDRF, it would be absolutely fantastic.

I know you all have a cause your linked to. And I will support any of you with what I can once the time comes.

So what do you say??? Grab your wallet---RIGHT NOW--and donate anything. Just send her a little note telling her to keep it up. She really is a rockin' little girl. OOPs if she read this I mean Young lady.

All you have to is click HERE.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Desktop

I got tagged forever ago to post my desktop. At the time blogger and my internet were hating me, but today I think they took a break. I have not photo for wallpaper as you can see--just trusty ol' iMAC blue. We switched from PC to MAC about a year ago. All I can say is:

Once you go MAC
You don't go back

I don't have the time or sufficient know-how to draw lines to all my stuff so I'll just list some of the stuff and you can play I-SPY

1. Sticky notes--One thing about MACs is that they are randomly useful. Like Sticky notes, it's a program. I love it and use it all the time. One has a quote on it from President Kimball on how you should never live with family once your married--he was a wise man.

2. Folders across the top. One is for my RAW Photos, another is RAdiohead's new album Hyrum downloaded, another Pictures I want to Post. Mi Amigos--a photo collection I did for Hy's dad, one that says m,, but used to say CRAP until my kids starting playing around with the computer. House ideas--it has ideas for my house. And then Mesa Shots--pictures I took for my friend Jami and never sent.

3. A word document that my niece wrote about her diabetes.

4. iCHAT--my favorite program on my MAC--anyone want to chat??

5. Pictures I just posted on my photo blog.

6. My Dock--with all my open programs. Finder, Ichat, firefox, safar, ical, Photoshop, itunes, HP scanner, stickies, preview.

So tada--there is my desktop. Now I'm going to do some clearing off.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Crazy kids

Red got dressed in this outfit and was ready for school--then she said

"I don't want to wear this to school. I look like a bully"

Then last night I was giving them a bath and Red said:

"Mom are you trying to grow a mustache? Because it looks like it"

I guess it's time to bleach eh?

Then there is the juice. This is toothpaste. It's one her face and if you look closer at the photo below it's on here eyelashes. Only the juice.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I wish I had more laundry

Today was the first day EVER in my life that I wish I had more laundry to fold. You see--I am a lover of NPR (National Public Radio) and the Saturday program THIS AMERICAN LIFE. So I dumped out the three loads that I washed on ummmmmm Wednesday and decided to stream an episode of THIS AMERICAN LIFE and fold my laundry. Captivating! This episode was about a group of prisoners doing the Shakespeare play Hamlet. It sucked me in. I had my laundry folded in no time and I was on auto pilot because I don't even remember doing it. So then I sat for another 20 minutes or so on the floor of my office just listening, wishing I had more laundry to fold. WHAT??? I've never said that before.

If you have never listened to THIS AMERICAN LIFE then you need to. It's all stories of . . .well. . . like the title says--THIS AMERICAN LIFE. Sometimes, funny, sometimes sad sometimes very poignant---or all three at the same time. Seriously--check it out there are so many episodes to choose from--and I have yet to be disappointed.

Just click on the "Full Episode" icon and it will stream it through your computer. It makes laundry much, much better.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What was I thinking Wednesdays

Ok--this one is not so much what was I thinking. Although the two barrets are a bit much. And overalls were cool--and those were super cool because they were dickies. Also I had on super cool Doc Martens that I scored at Last Chance for $20. That was back when Last Chance was on 83rd Avenue or something ridiculous like that.

Anyhoodles, these are two of my college roomates. The one on the left is Tiffany--she moved in around my sophomore year. The other one is Lisa--my best friend from high school. We had so much fun living together--it was unreal. We used to do really random things. And we kept a stash of Taco Bell sauce in our couch cushions. It was fun when people would come over and bring Taco Bell and say--do you guys have any sauce?? And we would tell them to just stick their hand down in the cushions. Now that seems super gross.

Check out how long my hair was. This was pre-Darcy days. Man I would kill to have that hair again. I believe we took this picture before we were going to a concert--or the Friday night dance. That was pretty much what we did. In fact when I pulled out my photo album box I found an envelope with cool old concert tickets. Maybe sometime I'll scan some. We were big ska/punk fans so that was usually what we did.

As for other things---Blogger and the internet are still hating me. I tried to post these this morning with no luck. I have no idea what's going on. It's working now though.

I'll try to add a song that is ska--or at least ska-ish if I can get it to work. That's all--later peeps

PPPPSSSTTTTTTT Liz: Do you recognize me at all now??

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Grade::: POOR

I did it. I joined a gym. As part of joining a gym they offer to test your "beginning state". UMMMM--OK--what the heck. I'm not worried about my weight--mostly just my shape. It couldn't be that bad . . . could it? Apparently so. My body fat is 32%. That makes me fall within the bottom category on the gym's sheet. POOR. That was my rating. UMMMMM---CRAP. I went in thinking I just needed some toning, but apparently I need to take a good and honest look at myself. So the gym guy told me I need to do weight training. I don't like weight training-- I prefer aerobics. He said that weight training will really get me where I need to get. However, I won't go if I don't like it. So aerobics it will be. Maybe 1 day of weights or a 1/2 an hour here or there.

I joined Mountainside Fitness. They are running a special right now that if you sign up on your first day there--you get free childcare for life. That's a good deal--child care is expensive. So I did it. I signed up. YOu guys should too. And if you do and you refer me--i could get a dvd player. Come on--I need a dvd player. It could be fun. There child care rocks too--especially compared to other places.

Oh--and I haven't been posting because our internet is currently worse than dial up. We have DSL through Qwest. We think it might be our wireless router--so Hy is going to work on that tomorrow. Hopefully in time for me to post my what was I thinking picture. In fact--I'm going to go find one right now.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So now that I've found my old scrapbooks I thought I'd start a new weekly entry. WHAT WAS I THINKING WEDNESDAYS. I realize that today is Tuesday, but I know tomorrow I'll have too much crap to do to post so I'm posting now. As you can see by the title of my blog I am no longer worried about being cool. There are so many funny things in my past--as well as most of yours I'm sure--and I'm confident enough to show it to apparently--anyone. So every Wednesday I'm going to highlight some of the things that were absolute WHAT WAS I THINKING sort of pictures. Some might just be old pictures, and not so embarassing. You'll also get to see my many hair styles. So I thought I'd start the ball rolling with the most embarassing one I've found so far.


You know when you were in college and were drunk and did super stupid things? Except for you weren't drunk because your Mormon and don't drink, but you still did stupid things. This picture is the result of staying up too late with a really good friend, a white duvet, and a camera---oh and don't forget the candle.

p.b.s. (post blog script) After posting I realized this picture was taken in 98 and I graduated from college in 97 so I can't blame it on the college thing. But I have to say--I really do like my hair. I wish I was that brave again.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Receipts the size of Texas



Holy crap--I'm finally posting. We got a lot done on our house this weekend so I might take the week off. At least from working on it. I really want to post pictures but I need to unload my memory card and reformat it and haven't had time. So I thought I'd talk about receipts

Has anyone noticed how FREAKING long receipts have gotten. I took these pictures to prove a point. Why is everyone and I mean EVERYONE adding tons of extra pointless stuff to a receipt. All I want is a receipt, not a chance to win 10% off if I do your survey--which i have never done. Or a coupon for $1.00 off cajun peanuts. Who eats those??? I've purchased a great deal over the last two months and I have wads of receipts. I needed to keep some for warranty purposes so I went through them and cut them off. I shouldn't have to do it. It's annoying

As for the pictures--proves my point. It also proves the point that I'm in desparate need of a hair cut and an eyebrow wax.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Photobooth Tuesdays

Yesterday Red was telling us all about her Kindergarten tales. She had told us a week ago about how a little boy named Ben knocked her water bottle out of her hand and told her to quit playing mermaids. So her and I had a discussion on how she needs to tell Ben to step off. Anyhow, this is the next exchange she had with a classmate (Sophie) this is how Red told it to us:

"I was playing at recess and Sophie asked me what I was doing"

"I said I was hiding from Ben because he knocked my water out of my hand and told me not to play mermaids"

"Sophie said--He's like a dead bird"

"Then she took me and showed me a dead bird"

"But I think it wasn't a dead bird"

"It was just a pile of feathers"

That was the end of the story. Hy and I exchanged a look and tried not to laugh out of our chairs---WHAT???

Update on house:

Dryer is officially broken (have I told you that yet?). We bought a new one at Spencers for $300. Luckily they had a random sale of only last year's model of a dryer--they got a crapload of them on close out. So it's a super nice frontloader dryer. However, it looks nothing like our washer. AC is still broke--and it's hot. In fact I am sporting an exposed belly as we speak for at least a bit of relief. Still trying to make a decison as to what to do. Took a trip to IKEA to fix an "oops" in our kitchen. Hy is supposed to fix that tonight. We'll let you know how it goes. We came up with a pendant lamp. As soon as I get my junk together I'll take a picture. I love it. Hy is a rockstar. I'm about to start on a budget--super stoked about it. WHAT??? STOKED??? Yes. I take odd pleasure in denying myself of things. Counters come one Thursday. I may take pictures after that. Keep checking.