Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prognosis: Amoeba

A very tiny and cute amoeba. I intentionally neglected to list my other symptoms:

* hunger
*Dry Heaves
*A superhuman sense of smell
*Random inability to cry--that's a new one, it's usually the other way around. I've been wanting to cry, but can't. I have squeezed out a few, but then stopped seconds later. Weird
*Severe crabiness

The doctor ordered an ultrasound because I had NO idea when my last period was. no clue. So the tech said I am 10 weeks. Which rocks because that means I"m almost out of the ickies. That puts me due in September, around my birthday. UMM, that stinks. But so far I've been induced with them all, so I can make sure it's not my birthday. Unless I go on my own, and if that's the case, I'll be so excited I won't care.

I've never had an untrasound so early. It's weird because the tech said "there's an arm bud, and a leg bud. Not leg, not arm. But buds. it was a tadpole. Strange. But I got to see the little tiny heart, looks healthy. And my statistic loving doctor told me that once you see the heartbeat your chances of miscarriage go down to 2-3%. So I'm hoping we're good.

And today I woke up with a righteous head cold. Man all I want is some Nyquil, but I'll have to suffer with no drugs.

So this is the reason I've dropped off the face of the earth. I really was too tired, crabby, and apathetic to blog, or do anything. And I usually fall asleep before 9:00. Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon. We'll see.


So I finally went to the doctor with these symptoms:




*Aversion to Sugar/Sweets

*Desire to lick Salt

All you web MD's out there . . . what's my prognosis?

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Overheard at our house today:

Me: Juice--why are you zipping up your pajamas, you don't have your pull-up on, that is why you unzipped them

The juice: Oh yah (giggle)

Me: So get the pull up off your head and put it on

The juice: *sigh* As you wish

Red: Mom--where do babies come out? Maybe your belly button . .. or what if they came out of your mouth? That would be weird.

Me: Silence

Red: EWWWW what if they came out your privates?

Me: Silence

Red: Jon at school used a marker today, we're not allowed to use markers. But I won't tell on him, he said he'd pay me $5,000 if I didn't tell and I said--Ok.

Red: I trust him to pay me $5,000.

. . . later

Red: Mom, can me and the juice do chores for money? I need some money in case I tell on Jon, so I can pay him $5,000

Me: You are NOT paying Jon $5,000

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've never done a thankful post, and I've been hearing of so many people who are losing their jobs right now and losing their homes to foreclosure--even super wealthy (I guess not so much now) people. So I thought I'd be thankful for things:

I'm thankful that:

**Hy has a job

**My marriage is working

**My house was clean yesterday

**I have a washing machine a dryer

**My Suburban qualified for a county aid program when it failed emissions and instead of having to pay $700 we only had to pay $150

**The Juice is a happy kid--today we were on the freeway transitioning to another one one of the curvy overpasses and she expressed her delight at how fun the plants and random decorative trees were.

**The Juice is consistent. Every time she puts on her shoes/flipflops, they are on backwards. Seriously, she has a 50% chance of getting them right, but 90% of the time they are wrong. Even Squoosh gets hers right and she's only 1 1/2

**Red will start riding the bus home from school

**Squoosh is showing signs of being ready to potty train. And Red is excited to help her.
(3 kids and no diapers. . . . is that possible?)

**Hy is done with his two tests for a while

**My fridge is full of fresh vegetables and fruit

**We have two vehicles that run

**The Juice is getting better at not rubbing my ear (it drives me nutso)

**My husband feels healthy and looks good

**People have commented on my hair even though it's the same hair cut I've had for a while

**My mother in law watched my kids while I went to a pie class

** I ate four kinds of made from scratch pies

**We've been successfully living for 6 months without TV (We have a Tv, but only for movies)

**I made a killer vegetarian pizza this week

**I have funny friends

**Red is getting to the age where her and I can have inside jokes

**My friend who has a son with Autism just found a way to make it a little bit better--I saw him today and he looked me directly into the eyes--TWICE.

**Although the gym doesn't seem to be working visually, I feel good.

**I just had a very yummy PB&J made with Trader Joe's chunky peanut butter.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Now that Hy works for Scottscdale Healthcare we have to change doctors, so I'm currently looking for a new OBGYN, we have to choose one from his plan in the next few days. Does anyone know any good OBGYN's that are Scottsdale? Meaning they work the Scottsdale Hospitals. It's cheaper for us to do everything in Scottsdale since he works for them---Yay! But I also want to find a good Dr. So if you don't know--ask around. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Project Playlist

So I don't currently have any music running on my blog because I haven't found anything fun lately. But i always have music on my photo blog. Anyhow--for all of you project playlist users--do you ever get a kick out of the the photos on the login page.

Who are these people?

Picture A--hooters girl, just nasty

Picture B--Some random dude

Picture C--that guy thinks he's hot and he took that picture at the bathroom mirror--he should be embarassed

Picture D--Teen Pregnancy

I would assume I am a small percentage in the demographics. I don't have a picture posted--but I should, just to mix it up. Any ideas of what I should take my picture doing? Of course it will be done in the bathroom mirror being that it's a trend