Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The randomness streaming from my head

So many things, so absolutely random.

First. Watch this it's super cool.


I was randomly thinking about p0rn stars the other day. And thinking--do they have fathers? They biologically have fathers but do they have Dads? Is it something where their dad didn't love them so they became one, OR they do it secretly, OR they do it openly and their parents are horrified, OR are there some crazy loon Dads that pipe up when others dads get together bragging about their kids, . . . my daughter has 5 kids, my daughter is a physical therapist, my daughter is a dolphin trainer, then pipes up to those and says, "My daughter is a very famous p0rn star". ---cricket chirping--- And what if their dads looked at P0rn and were looking around and found their daughter's work? ---um----- This is world is messed up people. M.E.S.S.E.D. UP (and apparently so is my brain that I think of stuff like that)


So that reminded me of a story I think I might have told once, but I am going to tell it again. I was on a flight on a Southwest airline--sitting in that section that as three seats on one side and three seats on the other and they are facing each other. I was with my college buddies and we were returning home from visiting a friend in another city. I was reading and LDS book called, "Why say no when the world says YES" It was about abstinence until marriage. So some early 30's dude across from me jovially said "Why says no when the world Says Yes huh?" And being that I am as comfortable with strangers as I am with friends, I took it as an invitation. We bantered, and jokingly jabbed at one another for 10 minutes or so. Of course he was taking the world's side while I was defending mine. And then I said, "Do you have a daughter?" He said, "Yes I do, she's 12" And I said, "Well, would you rather her live the way I live or live the way you live?" And he smiled in defeat "the way you live". And that was it. I saw out of the corner of my eye a stranger smirking. I wish I had that on video.


If you plan on mailing citrus to anyone--get the priority mail boxes and the post office that have the price already set no matter what you fill it with, because if you don't you'll pay over twice as much for shipping. Those things are heavy.


If you want to become more organized--buy one of those dymo label makers. It will make you want to organize stuff just so you can put labels on the containers. Well, at least, that is how it is with me.


I have decided that my word for the year is SIMPLIFY

In practical terms it means "Throw crap away"

THAT I can do. I like to make reachable goals. It makes me feel successful.

Saturday, January 7, 2012