Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

What, a tag?

I have never, ever, no really not ever responded to a tag. But as I was awake last night from 3am-4am because a startling dream, I stared to think about random things I would say if I ever were to respond. So I'm throwing caution to the wind and doing it.

I am: pregnant and uncomfortable
I think: my husband is crazy because he's reading the Twilight series (and I won't)
I know: that I will probably get hemorrhoids from birthing this baby
I want: a Toyota Sienna Minivan
I have: witty children
I wish: Hy was done with school
I hate: when people smoke in cars that are in front of me on the road
I miss: traveling
I fear: random and irrational things (like my children being eaten my a mountain lion)
I feel: pretty good--I just woke up from a long nap
I hear: the air conditioner buzzing
I smell: pretty good-I actually showered today
I crave: chocolate on top of chocolate on top of chocolate
I search: for vegetarian recipes my husband will not complain about
I wonder: why mormons love to do sign language to things like songs and young women themes, when no one in their ward is deaf
I regret: not going to Europe with my husband before we had kids--because he won't shut up about it
I love: my 24 inch iMac
I care: less what most people think of me
I always: think of new ways to decorate my house
I am not: good at pretending to like people that I don't
I believe: that being a good parent means your kids at some point will hate you
I dance: everyday and lately with my 6 year old
I sing: good enough for church, not good enough for choir
I don't always: acknowledge my husband on my blog--I really do think he rocks more than your husbands--that's right I said it
I fight: the urge to ram into the back of slow moving cars
I write: in my journal occasionally
I lose: my memory when I'm pregnant
I win: at random games I've never played before like Risk or Settler's of Catan
I never: wear make-up (on occasion mascara and Burt's Bee's lip balm)
I listen: to Dave Ramsey on the radio---The best financial advice---E-V-E-R
I can usually be found: in front of the computer checking photography blogs
I am scared: that one of my random and irrational fears will come true
I need: the friends that I have
I am happy about: my girls and how much personality they have
I tag: whoever the crap feels up to it

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Attention all parents

Red had a friend come over and teach her how to make paper dolls. While she was making it she said

Red: "Mom what's that shirt that is short like this (puts her hand up right about her rib cage)
My reply:"I have no idea"
Red: "You know mom--what are they called?"
Me: "Immodest?"
Red: Yah, that's it, I want to make an immodest paper doll.
Me: (in my mind)--What the crap?

Here she is---her immodest paper doll.

Let it be known--that I am not a stickler for modesty. At least not at this age. I grew up in the latter part of the 70's and all little girls wore those itchy, spaghetti strapped, belly showing little numbers---and I turned out alright (mostly)

So I figure, she's little--who cares. Although I don't let her show her stomach, I do let her wear spaghetti straps and sundresses. She also gets tankini's for summer, because it's easier for her to go to the bathroom--it's not that I don't like one pieces, it's for ease of use, and she usually just swims in my friend's pool.

But somehow, she has got some sort of fascination with immodesty. The other day, she said---I like it when my stomach shows (as she was getting into her two piece swimsuit), and so I kind of prompted her as to why. She said she likes to do it like "those moms---at least I think they are moms". I said "What moms?" She said "The ones on TV".

Ummm, we don't have a TV. She mostly watches movies--disney movies, and occassionally tv shows at other's houses. But really---who is she talking about?

Anyhoodles, so this will be the last summer she gets a two piece. But seriously--do I just let her make immodest paper dolls? I am torn between not paying attention to it, and letting it slide by as a phase, or mentioning that immodesty is not a good thing--and those moms she sees on tv are trashy.

Oh, and i think her immodest doll is funny

So other parents---what you got for me?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I want to get organized with a calendar. I'm an organizer. I love my label maker, I color code things, and my heart goes pitter patter when I buy a new container.

So I have not been able to find a calendar to fit my needs. It needs to be color coded, room to right things on the dates as well as random reminders on the side for notes and such, etc. etc.

This is the closest calendar I've found to meet my needs. It's not my ultimate though.

So question to you all is---do you have a calendar you love? Do you know any stores that have a great calendaring system? Have you made your own?

Link me.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Photobooth Tuesday

This may just be funny to me since she's my child. Most people with Mac's have played on photobooth, so it might not be as funny to them.

But it gets funnier towards the end. Just watch it, what else were you planning on doing in the next 2 minutes?

Monday, July 14, 2008


This kid---I swear.

I was attempting to take a much needed heavy pregnant lady nap on my couch. Why the couch? Oh, because it supports my stomach just in the right place so I don't have to wedge a pillow under it.

Anyhow, she came up and started hammering (with a tinker toy sort of hammer) on my butt. And she said "Wow mom your buns or so squooshy"

Then she make a little person out of her hands, you know like you do when you make the legs your first and middle fingers. And she started bouncing the little finger man on my buns and then she said

"Your butt is so bouncy it would make a great trampoline for a mouse"

Friday, July 11, 2008


I've decided to start a new set of postings I call "Awesome---not awesome" You'll get the hang of it soon enough. Things just seem to happen that fall under this category.

Like so . . .

AWESOME-----My freezer is completely clean, wiped down with Clorox wipes and all

NOT AWESOME----the reason why it's so empty and clean is that ---apparently---when you leave out of town for a few days, you should make sure that the freezer clicks shut. We went out of town for the 4th and I thought it was shut. We returned to an entirely thawed out freezer. Luckily, it didn't smell because it was about fridge temperature. But everything was ruined. Two bags of Costco Chicken breast, two giant bags of Costco ravioli, tons of other meats, breakfast sausage, etc. etc. It also made a nasty wet mess at the bottom. Luckily, Hy figured out how to pull the whole door front off, so I could get to it. But we were out of paper towels, so I had to soak up that nasty mess with an old towel. We then threw away an ENTIRE garbage bag full of food, and that nasty towel. GGRRRRR. And it was Sunday when we got back, and the trash man doesn't come until Friday. That is one funky stench outside.

See------Awesome and not awesome.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Photobooth Tuesday

She did it again. We had to edit this, because at the end she walked away and there was no one, except baby squoosh sucking her thumb, for about a minute.

It's short--but great.