Sunday, July 24, 2011


Is my new celebrity crush Neville Longbottom?

Just, maybe.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

School Shopping

I can predict the future.

I can predict that I will be spending money on these close at H&M.

Because how fabulous are these colors.

I want my whole family to look like this-and then we are gong to get our pictures taken.

want to see more of their fall line? go HERE.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mother moments

Sometimes my patience wears thin. And by sometimes, I mean often.

And my temper shows--when my children walk away from me when I ask them to come here.

So I say something like:

"Get your ASS over here!"

And my 7 year old blondie says:

"What's and ass?"

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Date night

My husband and I make a great pair.

Why? Well--he has invented his own super power--so together, we can solve the world's problems.

Or at least the things that annoy us here in the Phoenix Metro area.

For our date on Friday we went and ate at Cafe Boa--holy delish. Go there. Get the bruschetta. And the Mushroom Ravioli in Tomato Cream sauce.

While there--Hyrum created his super power. He can get anyone's cell phone number--and call it without being traced.

How does that super power help? Well, it helps us greatly.

Like when we were at the restaurant and the couple at the table next to ours were both texting. That's when he realized his potential. He wanted to send them a text that said: "your date is lame"

Then later, when we were in the Ross parking lot (yes we have spicy dates). We witnessed a drug deal. When a cute little car with teenagers wheels speedily into the handicapped parking lot, and simultaneously a SUV wheels into the handicapped spot next to it, and a cute little blonde girl hops out and runs over and gives a slow/tight hug to the dreadlocked fella through his window, and then turns and bops back to her car and speeds off. Like then. He could have swiped the girl's cell phone number (and access her phone list) and text her parents saying "you're daughter just bought illegal substances in the Ross parking lot" and then also text that to her--with and ending tag line that says "you're busted".

See? Totally helpful.

And then when we were driving to the next shopping center--there was a dude on a bullet bike. You know--weaving in and out of traffic. We decided to combine our super powers when we saw him narrowly cut in front of the car that was in front of us. I would have zapped him with diarrhea and then Hyrum would have texted him and said, "we just saw you crap your pants. How do we know? Because it's coming out of the top of the boxers that are hanging too far out of your pants."

Then, when we were at Wal Mart--and there were three college girls checking out in front of us. And at first I was distracted by their short shorts. I was thinking--my girls better never wear those or I will flip. Then we saw what they came for--a pregnancy test. I think it was because she wears those shorts--or doesn't wear them :) She would get a text that read, "Hope it's negative. Good luck!"

And then, as we got in the car--we noticed the people in the car parked in front of us--feeding their parrots. Yes, not one, but two parrots--just hanging out on steering wheel of the car. The people were super nice--they were enjoying McDonalds hamburgers and fries--and sharing it with their parrots. One bite for the ladies, one bite for the parrots. They let us take a picture with them. Because that just doesn't happen. And they would get a "thanks for the pic with the parrot". See? We can use our powers for good.

I tell you--we make quite a pair. And I wish all of our date nights were that interesting.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Why buy new when you can redo?

That's my new motto--I swiped it from Robots and tweaked it a bit.

Check this little metal thing I got from a junk swap (actually leftover from a junk swap they had at bunko that i didn't get to go to)


Add a can of plum spray paint from Ace Hardware and a fun church quote that my talented friend Cami did and gave to us as our bunko gift. And here it is:


so cute right? The print is done in grays. I thought it meshed with with the plum

Phone service

Our home phone is internet based and since our internet likes to be tempermental, we thought we'd go with Qwest and get just the super basic phone line for emergencies mostly--then we wouldn't have to worry about the internet.

So the guy said it was $13.18 + tax. Then I had the sign up fee and whatever, so he told me the bill would end up being $52 for the first month, so after I subtracted out the sign up fee and such it left me with $24.00.

Taxes aren't that crazy are they?

Does anyone local have Qwest, and if so could you look at your bill and tell me what I should expect in taxes.


Monday, July 11, 2011


I randomly found some video footage of the permiere of the last Harry Potter--and Hyrum and I were both surprised at neville. He turned out to be handsome cat. What? Then someone posted this on Pinterest and I had to share.

Crazy eh?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The haboob

This is one of the coolest pics I found on flickr

Sunday Morning Post

It's been a while since I have posted on Sunday.

As I am writing Annabelle's talk for Primary--yes it's in a few hours *procrastinator*, I came across a really cool quote and then I linked to the talk.

The quote:

"contractors are told that there is to be no graffiti on the walls of the temple. Often, workers at construction sites will write inappropriate things on the walls. Brother Rowley shared an incident he had experienced a few days previously. He had noticed some inappropriate words written on a wall of the temple and reminded the contractor of their agreement. The following day, he noticed that the words had been painted over. He went to the contractor again and told him that the offensive words were still on the wall of the temple and needed to be removed. The next morning, the paint and the words were sanded off the temple wall."

That can be used as such a great metaphor. I love it.

Read the rest of the short article HERE.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's a wall of dust

If you are not from Arizona, or the middle East--you are probably not familiar dust storms. They are amazing to watch rolling in. My kids looked out the window and thought it was rain. But it was dust--they wanted to play in it, so I let them. What's more fun than being pelted with flying dirt? They opened the doors a few times getting in and out--which left a thin layer of dust on my desk. It was crazy. Josie ran in an asked to see the news (which is super random) and there was some cool video. On one of the stations they showed the reporter and he was covered in dust--like he had rolled around in it. Anyhow--check this out. Watch until about 3:30 on the video--it is amazing.

Big Dust Storm Rolls Through Phoenix:

Here is another quick time lapse. It's cool seeing it come across the city:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

here are some other pics you can click through: