Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Sorry, I have to go political again--but a phone call set me off.

First off--I was raised with a Father who worked shift work. They were unionized--I think it did wonders for his job and career. I remember as a kid taking food to the strikers at the picket line.

So I have always seen Unions as a good thing.

Until recently. What I've read and seen--makes me stuck.

I don't like the unions that I read about. The City of Detroit is drowning financially and they have unions protecting the workers from any changes. The city is bankrupt--and they can't do anything. Does it suck to get laid off or cut back? Yes. But it is what happens when there is no money left. Not even no money left,--up to your eyeballs in debt.

And theirs isn't the only story.

I also know someone who is a manager at a local factory that hasn't been outsourced to China. Unions came in and the workers took a vote and said, "no thanks, we're good". Guess what the union did? Sued them, and lost. So what did the Union do then? Add more charges to keep the company in court.

I just got a phone call with a very meticulously worded script from the "Taxpayers of america" or something of that sort. Through her thick southern accent she told me something about local fireman and police losing their ability to make decisions to protect my family. And she asked if that concerned me when my family was affected. And then I realized--you are trying to scare me. And you are not from Arizona. So I politely told her that I wanted to get more information.

And that's what I want. I think it's union thing from what I know. I believe in Unions taking care of their workers and creating a fair wage system and benefits. But I don't believe in unions promising unsustainable provisions for their employees on the backs of the taxpayers. Like a lot of cities across the U.S.

So I'm stuck. Are there good unions left? Somewhere?

And I want to give a tip for people trying to do phone solicitation for politics. If it's legislation that you are trying to meddle in out of state. Don't hire people with thick southern accents to call the west.

It doesn't work

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