Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Somewhere about Montana

Do you remember my mental breakdown and spontaneous trip to Washington? I never followed up with that. I am really mad that I didn't do it, because my post would have been a lot more detailed and something that I would have like to use as a journal entry. Anyhow,

It was somewhere about Montana. I can vividly, vividly remember in my mind what it looked like out the window, in the middle of nowhere--when it kicked in. It was amazing. It was seriously like a taking a drug--i looked over at Hyrum and said--"I'm good", and I was. I didn't ever take any meds, or even drink caffeine or meditate or anything. We just drove and drove--and the therapy of seeing new country that my brain didn't recognize--cured me. U.N.B.E.L.E.I.V.A.B.L.E.

We had the best trip ever. I wish I could have everyone look through my pictures and I could tell stories of getting donuts in Provo, buying the kids coats because we didn't own any, and surprising my friend in Idaho and her letting us crash on her floor, and the cute headband she knitted me, and the picnic at the rest stop in Montana, or driving through gorgeous open Montana, and then gasping at the beauty of Northern Idaho (amazing!!), it snowing on us as we drove, and meeting a friend and her fun family for the first time in real life, and eating apples off trees in an orchard, and seeing Temples along the way, and staying in a hotel--just once so we could, and surprising Hyrum's sister in Boise, and having breakfast with a photographer friend at Kneaders, and realizing that ORE-IDA fries is named that because the factory sits directly on the OREgon/IDAho border, eating at Chuk-a-rama in Provo with friends, and then cruising on home totally cured.

It was the best thing I've ever done. When we were in Idaho I called my brother and told him about our trip because he was the one person I knew would get it. Because he takes more trips than me. He told me that other people don't get him either--when he takes trips. It's just what we do. It is our medication.

And a good and effective Medication it is.


Jenni said...

well I for one was VERY happy you needed that trip! I miss you so much and it was awesome to get to see you....even if it was only for a short time! :) I am glad you had a wonderful time and got to see some of THE most beautiful country in the world! :) I am a little biased tho!!!! Thanks again for surprising me....I hope you do it again someday soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Um, I never knew that's why Oreida was called that! So glad that I know that now. And so glad you took that trip!! :)

Rachel Cunningham said...

You just rocked my world with that ORE-IDA revelation. Who knew. Sounds like a super awesome trip and glad it was cure you were looking for.