Monday, November 19, 2012

I am a flip flopper

I have changed my stance on an issue. ONE BIG ISSUE :  Government bailouts.

I gritted my teeth when Our Government took over GM.  Government owned companies?  Um, I think that's China's business, not in the good ol' US of A.  Besides, I never saw one Calvin and Hobbs sticker pissing on a GM logo.  Just Ford and Chevy--so G.M. could fade away, or do what EVERY OTHER AMERICAN COMPANY does that is poorly run--it goes into bankruptcy and works its butt off to get back and be profitable.  It happens--look at the Airline industry, they are posting some big numbers this year.

I digress,

But I have flip flopped on the issue.


This is one side where the college aged liberals, women who are PMSing, EVERYONE on food stamps and the all the RED STATE/Don't Tread on Me flag flying Americans can agree.

We can't live without our Ding Dongs.  Or Twinkies.  Or Snow balls.  Or Cupcakes.  Oh my gosh I am getting the jitters just thinking about it.

Obama if you want to do one thing, JUST ONE THING, that will unite the nation--borrow some more money from China (be real--you never planned on paying them back anyway) call it an American Stimulus--and BAIL OUT HOSTESS.  


Jenni said...

I second that motion!!!!

Kristin said...

I guarantee that some non union will come in and buy hostess. Probably that company from mexico that is in talks. There is too many people who eat the stuff. Personally you couldn't pay me to eat a twinkie or ding dong! My dad owned the company that distributed hostess in las vegas and surrounding areas and we had free reign of the stuff when ever we wanted. My brothers used to have to dress up as twinkie the kid at dance around at the stopNgo! Never fear the twinkie will live again!!