Wednesday, November 7, 2012

If I were a political cartoonist

I've tried.  Tried not to blog politics, because that is all I seem to do.  But I have to get all of my thoughts out of my head and onto something so I can do what my kids ask when they said today, "turn off the radio. you keep you keep talking to it and it's just making you angry."

If I were a political cartoonist it my entry for today's paper would be this:

Scene:  Obama standing at the pulpit of his acceptance speech.

Words bubble:  "I hope to sit down with Mitt Romney and see what ways we can work together"  (I'd use his exact quote)

Scene 2:  Obama sitting down with Mitt Romney on a couch.

Words bubble:  Obama speaking, "So what was your plan for the the next 4 years?  Because as you probably figured out,  I don't have one."

I listen to NPR. Everyday.  And so that is where my statistics and commentary come. And this is what I gleaned today from their political correspondents.

The overwhelming majority of people (NPR's exact term not mine) exit polled stated that "They do not like the way America is headed."

The majority of people said that the economy was the most important issue in this election.

Over 50% off those exit polled stated that they thought Romney would do a better job on the economy than Obama.

Hispanics overwhelming voted for Obama despite their unemployment being double that of the rest of the nation.

What stood out most to me was the Economist.  His words were:

American companies are sitting on stockpiles of cash. They were waiting to see how the election would pan out.  Their concern was the effect that Obamacare has on their business and how much it would cost them. And also the impending Tax on the rich.  What businesses will do now will be to try to expand their businesses without having to hire any employees.

That is from NPR--not FOX.

The political commentators went on to say that Obama played better politics and that is how he won.  They said that he took the national conversation away from his dismal four year record and focused his energy on negative attack ads on Romney.  Character ads that made him out to be a bad person.  Especially in places like Ohio.  They even admitted that he never talked about what he would do in the next four years.

Like I said, these are not my words. You can go back and listen to Talk of the Nation and hear the same words I heard.

So what does this mean?

They suggested a possible deeper recession.

Bring it on.

I'm off--to plant my garden, buy a gun and to Costco to stockpile some food.

That is how much I believe in HOPE & CHANGE.


Hildie said...

Pretty much my plan too. Except I'll be buying a compound bow (ammo is reuseable, girlfriend).

Tiffany Ganem said...

Me too! ANd buy your ammo early, there will soon be a gigantic tax on it.