Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sup with me?

hey Jill--what's up with you?

Well, thanks for asking

We went camping with friends and that was beyond loads of fun. We went swimming in freezing cold water and laughed our butts off, and sent the kids to bed early and sat around having fun adult time until the wee hours.  See marlo's laughing it's so cold face. We had a created the 1 minute club and you had to stay in up to your shoulders for  one minute.  That is one long minute.

Then we came home and Hyrum got a migraine so severe that he had to go the ER (this was his first trip for a migraine), so we spent all sunday night until 3:30 a.m. there.  The doc was talking to him about it and then she asked what he did for a living, and when he replied nurse she said, "well why didn't you say so? Here I am talking to you like a baby."  And then gave him the low down. She was great.  And then the nurse that was taking care of him said that he should have mentioned that he worked for one of their hospitals and we could have been hooked up with a room faster---isn't that random?  It's like getting a good table at a restaurant.  The only thing good about Osborne hospital is they have a cool hot chocolate machine--why did I know this?

OH-because one week prior I was in the same Emergency room with Beck and his head that was split open. Not clean split--big chunk missing split.  ceiling fan. Luckily he slept through the whole stitches thing.

OH, so anyway, on the way back from best camping trip ever, the ol' '94 Suburban starting making rattling noises.  But not at high speeds--so when we got home I took it to the mechanic, and it is something to do with the air conditioner. Which was fully replaced two years ago.  Lame.  So now we have to spend more money to fix the same thing.  And it needs new tires.  So that is over a grand, so we thought maybe we should buy a new car. So we looked into how much our suburban would be for trade in.  $216.  BAAHHHHAHHHAA  Isn't that crazy?

So we decided just to keep the burb for life because it doesn't cost that much to register or insure.  But then we need to buy a new car, because that thing is almost 20 years old and the other car isn't going to last forever either--so we need to stagger them.

Yeee--ikes!! Cars are so flipping expensive. Well, if you need to have 6 passengers. And minivans--if you want a good reliable one, like Toyota or Honda--those puppies hold on to their value. So a used one is only a few thousand less than a new and it has tons of miles on it. And there aren't very many for sale. UGH.   I looked for a used one and I would have to pay $13,000 for a car that has almost 100,000 miles on it. Ridiculous!  And we haven't had a car payment since 2004. And it makes me want to vomit having one.  So we may get a new car, like brand new. And I think that is bratty and weird and I don't like the idea of it. Because then I will care where I park and what the kids eat etc. etc.

I called my friend who is a Dave Ramsey follower as well, and talked to her about it. And she tried to go used too, but it ended up being  a better deal to get a new one.  I told her I thought it was bratty to have a brand new car and asked her if I was old enough to own a brand new car. And she said, "Newflash. You're old."  So apparently I am old enough.  It still seems weird though.  I blame this weird feeling on my father--damned penny pincher.  I inherited that which is mostly a blessing, but sometime a curse because I don't like to spend money much.

Hyrum asked what I wanted for mothers day and I said I'd rather have money in the bank than a present.  Pretty lame of me eh?

There is more, but I"ve talked enough already


Anonymous said...

This might be a dumb question given the fact that I've seen a lot of photos of Beck and his climbing... but how did he get a gash on his head from a ceiling fan?

Dumb question?

You are old. ;) So it's ok if you get a new car. But I feel you on not wanting a car payment. Have you considered getting rid of the kids? Then you could get a scooter? Or what about family bus passes? ;)

Can't wait to hear the end of this story.

Jenni said...

no...keep talking! I love listening! :)
and I want to hear the ceiling fan storry too!
And we are in the same boat....we need a new car but don't want to pay a crap load. We got our awesome minivan when the market crashed so we got a sweet deal on $5,000 less than what it was worth! But now, it's getting old, lots of miles and makes a rattling sound {that isn't the AC} and we need...more seats! We are looking new too, but holy cow, we are cheap and DO NOT want that kind of a payment. we like our little itty bitt car payment. Let me know what you guys decide to do too!
Oh, and that water looked C-O-L-D!!!!

Rachel Cunningham said...

I hate nothing more than paying to fix car problems. Ok maybe paying for dental work is right up there, too.

If you need a hook-up to get a new or slightly used car, we have a good friend that LOVES cars and finds great deals at auctions.

Mimi said...

I can have my FIL keep his eyes open for a good trade in. you never know?

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