Monday, March 3, 2014

FHE March

Yeah yeah yeah, it's been FOREVER since I posted. And I am pretty sure no one reads this anymore. I am considering blogging again, we shall see.


I decided that my kids need to focus more on the Savior. Who he is, what he did, and why he is the center of our lives. So I had the kids tell me different words that described Christ. I compiled them and then assigned them a month. We started in February which was Kindness. Then I planned March, and I keep losing the paper so I decided to post it here. Also for my friends in case they want to share in the planning I did. Because face it--we all love an easy FHE that someone else came up with. And easy these are. I considered calling them B.S. Family home evenings. You know, Beyond Simple. But that doesn't sound so good. But it's funny.



 Week #1 Introduce concept of forgiveness by watching " Go and Sin no More" video:  

Week #2 Forgiveness 5-Min. FHE

**In case that link doesn't work I posted it below**

 Opening Song: “Help Me, Dear Father” (Children’s Songbook #99)

Quote: : “A spirit of forgiveness and an attitude of love and compassion toward those who may have wronged us is of the very essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ” (Gordon B. Hinckley, “Of You It Is Required to Forgive,” Ensign, June 1991).

Visual Aid: TheProdigal Son — Gospel Art Kit 220
 Supplies: twenty-dollar bill, envelope, bulky items, piece of paper that says “Forgiveness”

 Principle: When we truly understand the gospel of Jesus Christ, we love one another and forgive each other. When we feel anger, bitterness, or hatred toward another person, we will never feel peace, happiness, or the Spirit of the Lord. When we show forgiveness to someone who has wronged us, we are also showing Heavenly Father our gratitude for forgiving us of our transgressions and thanking Him for the Atonement, which allows us to repent and be clean once again.

 Lesson: Ask who would like the piece of paper in your pocket. No one will be very interested. Now show them a twenty-dollar bill and ask the same question. Of course, everyone will be interested now! Ask them why the difference in enthusiasm, since the money is just a piece of paper? Tell them you think it must be because it’s new. Crumple up the twenty dollar bill and ask who wants it now. Of course, everyone will still want it. Put a pencil mark on it and say, “Now the bill isn’t perfect, so I’m sure you won’t want it now.” Of course, they still will. Tear off a tiny corner and again offer it, saying, “Now it is incomplete and imperfect, so I’m sure you won’t want it.” Of course, they’re still interested. Ask them why they want it. They’ll answer that it has a twenty-dollar value. Tell them you’re going to make it even more valuable by putting it in an envelope. Ask how much it’s worth now. (Still the same.) Put it in a fancy box and ask how much the paper is worth now. (The same.) Explain that we’re like that twenty-dollar bill: We have value no matter if we look perfect, are old and wrinkled, are scarred, or live in a fancy house. God doesn’t love us more or less. In our dealings with imperfect people, we need to remember their true value.  

Week #3 Video--"The Other Prodigal Son" mormon ad
 Pose questions: "How do our siblings treat us?"
"How do we forgive when things feel unfair?"

 Week #4 Hidden Wedge FHE 

Week #5 Father Forgive them for They know not what they do.

Christ's ultimate example of forgiveness on the cross

 Use parts of this lesson from the Primary 2 manual "I can Forgive Others"

Stay tuned for the following months--maybe--if I can get it together

Oct--Do Good


Jenni said...

um YES! PLEASE keep going with these! I need all the help I can get in the FHE area!!! And these are freaking AWESOME! Nothing better than a B.S FHE! :) Miss you!

Bing said...

This is great! Have you read the "Christlike Attributes" chapter of Preach My Gospel? It might be a good resource.