Friday, September 28, 2012

Dear France, THANK YOU





You could read my statement and think that I want to stick it to the rich, because they have the money and should be  handing it over for the good of the country.


I want to say a BIG FAT THANK YOU to France.  Because this is going to be the case study of the century.  Economists at Universities all across the country er, the world, are biting their nails in anticipation of what happens next. 

Because you slap a 75 percent tax on the wealthy and business and what happens?  The wealthy and the business leave. In droves.  Because guess what, if I am rich enough to be slapped with that tax, I am also rich enough to take my money and my business across the border to say,  economically stable Germany perhaps?  Or even relocate to South America--where business is growing like crazy.

I bet other European countries are just giddy with excitement.   Much like colleges court the most talented of High School football players--sending in their recruiter with promises of this or that just to get them to cross the border to their university--so will be the countries trying to win over France's disgruntled rich.

Mark my words--the rich will flee.

And hopefully, just hopefully, America will get it.

If they pull their head out of their asses long enough to read the paper.


Tiffany Ganem said...

I. Completely. Agree.

Julia Lee said...

I say, "if you want to live like the Europeans, go live in Europe! You know, with their caste system and all. You'll fit right in. Let me know how it works out." he he he