Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I can cure warts!

My oldest daughter had a big patch of ugly warts on her knee--and although she didn't notice or care, I knew that someday she was going to absolutely HATE them.

So while I was at a well visit about 2 years ago I asked the Nurse Practitioner what to do.

And she gave me a natural remedy.

And it totally worked!  We have used it so many times and it's worked on all three girls and Hyrum.

I'm too perfect to have warts ;)

Check out my natural blog HERE to find out what we did.


Jenni said...

this is AWESOME! Austin has a wart on his hand and my niece has a bunch on her knee....I will have my sister try it out and I will give it a try as soon as my little man comes home! :) PS--LOVE the videos....always fun to see you! :)

Anonymous said...

Was it Beetle Juice? That's what we used. And that stuff is nasty but effective.